Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Because I'm More Than A Cookie Cutter Type of Person, 10 weeks out

     The time of day in which you weigh yourself is key, and it is important to be consistent otherwise you will think you've gained weight when in reality you just haven't processed your food yet, or are dehydrated. This week I weighed myself in the morning when I first woke up; 106.5 pounds, and then again after breakfast with about 20oz of liquid, and I was 108 pounds. I should have continued the trend throughout the day, but didn't; maybe next week! The fact is, your weight fluctuates a few pounds so don't worry if you seem to "gain" a few pounds in a day.

     It is regular by now that you know on Mondays I go to at least one store to get food; sometimes three or four. This week I needed some more nut butter, which meant I got to go to Whole Foods. I didn't have time to do it earlier in the day after going to SAM's Club, and Big Y, so I went after the gym. I also had to make another stop at Bed Bath & Beyond, since if you remember last week I shattered two of my glass meal prep containers; well I ordered two new ones online and they came in. The only problem was, I ordered the wrong size, I ordered the smaller size that I use for my chicken and almonds smaller meal rather than the majority of my meals. Can I catch a break? I knew Manchester Bed Bath & Beyond was out of the size I needed since I bought all of what they had at the start of prep and they still haven't re-stocked them. This meant I had to drive to Wethersfield since they had the size I needed in stock, my Nana has been staying through the weekend to Monday and she said instead of me sending them back or returning the smaller ones; she would just buy them from me. I still needed to replace my two bigger ones though; it was then I thought of the idea of getting her the 24 piece set from Manchester since I knew it came with the two sizes I needed. I gave her another one of my smaller containers to make it an even set of four for her, picked up the set, and took out my two of the size I used more frequently; that worked out nicely and I didn't have to go to Wethersfield!

     I've also been asked the question, "how much do you spend a week on groceries?" Now that number changes weekly since some weeks I need things weekly, and others I can go without for a week or two. For example, the nut butters; they are on the more pricer side but I don't get them weekly or even every two weeks so they last. Another thing would be oatmeal, spices, apples, or sweet potatoes. I'd say the only things I need weekly are; chicken (either breasts or ground,) asparagus, and green beans. This week I did need to pick up more apples, and black beans from SAM's Club amounting my total bill at $50.12. The title of this blog comes from my Big Y purchases this week; as you know, I've always been a healthy and experimental person when it comes to food and new things. I am constantly looking for the best fuel for my body; and that strive for greatness has only amplified with my fitness journey. Sure, I knew nothing about meal planning and amounts, measurements, and food groups that need to be hit at certain times. But now that I got the basics from my coach, I am constantly trying to find a better, more beneficial alternative to the cookie cutter body building diet; because let's face it, I've never been a cookie cutter type of person. So when Kenton came to stay with me, it inspired me to add more chia, flax, hemp, lentils, quinoa, and farro to my diet. Let's face it, lentils have way more protein and benefits than brown rice, as do quinoa and farro. By adding chia, flax, and hemp seed to my morning oatmeal; it is boosting not only the protein and fiber content, but also the minerals and wholeness of them individually. This added to my checkout at Big Y; but it would also carry over more than a weeks worth. I came home to grill up two packages of SAM's Club chicken breasts, one package I used lemon pepper seasoning, and the other was Weber gourmet burger flavor before heading to Big Y (mostly because I was out of protein and needed to eat a meal before shopping!) My total at Big Y this week was $35.53, and you will see the receipts below that $4.99 needs to be deducted from that total since I bought milk for Hunter, and I don't drink milk (right now.) The ground chicken was also not considered for this week since I had all the grilled chicken, that was just to stick in the freezer incase of an "emergency" of something coming up and not being able to run to the store and in need of food to prep (I also keep frozen broccoli in the freezer for the same reason if I run out of asparagus or green beans and don't have time to get to the store before the following week.) Chest and bicep day was a success at Iron Will with the exception of why I train chest is beyond me; I am pretty flat chested these days and rather not lose the little I have left. I find it frustrating that if you train your glutes, you build the booty; and yet if you workout your chest you don't gain boobs, the world is unfair I tell you. After I went to Whole Foods as planned and picked up another jar of Justin's peanut butter, a jar of Barney almond butter, and shelled frozen edamame totaling me at $18.82. Which means I spent just under $100 this week in food (again, a lot of it carries over longer than a week.) I came home to overcook my first batch of red lentils; the red ones cook a lot faster than the green, they only needed about 10 minutes! I laugh when people tell me they don't have the time to cook lentils, really; you don't have 10 minutes?

     Posing the mental and physical aspects have not improved much for me; I look forward to going to the gym to lift and train, I kind of loathe going to posing. Which I know is a catch 22; "practice makes perfect" isn't a saying for no reason, and yet I can't get excited over the process. But, like every Tuesday I showed up for posing with Carmen and got it done before coming home to prep meals and tea for the next couple days. Pandora screamed some EDM club music on my phone as I weighed out chicken, cooked asparagus and green beans, and separated each meal in a glass container. I threw in a load of laundry, e-mailed with a few photography prospects, and practiced my daily yoga/stretch meditation routine before leg day at 6:00pm. Most girls love leg/butt day, and hate arm day; yet again the "tom boy" in me shines when I prefer bicep workout over legs. Sure, I want great toned legs, sure I want that firm peach booty, I just don't look forward to Tuesdays as much. Could also be the fact that I am bruising so easily on my legs that directly after my workout I start to see the dark grey blotches forming leaving me looking like someone beats me (certainly not flattering.) I ordered sleeves for my knees, but they won't arrive until tomorrow; my knees have been feeling weak recently and I didn't want to squat without any support. I decided the best idea would be to use my shin compression sleeves and just pull them up to my knee (I hope they don't stretch them out too much!) Tonight at training was a little hectic; instead of having Darian as our trainer, we had both Darian and Dee which made some things conflicting. We all ran around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to fall into the circuit. Didn't we lift heavy last week? This week should be high rep light weight, and here I am squatting 165 pounds, bring on the bruises. I rushed home to shower, put my hair up in a bun, glasses on, and head into work for 8pm still rushing around like a chicken. Work was obscure; and though I am not complaining about the fact that it was so slow I was able to leave at 12:09 (we close at 12:00,) but more the fact that for at least 20 minutes the whole bar was completely empty. I was able to start cleaning extremely early, even eat, and be out just 9 minutes after normal closing time, though the tips did suck; the change of pace was a breath of fresh air.

     On a more personal note; my fitness journey has flooded my Instagram and that is basically all I use that form of social media for. Sure, everyone knows the term "Instafamous" and if you don't; it basically means becoming famous from Instagram. Though I am not trying to become famous, or the next fitness model, I still am addicted to browsing the current movements on there. My followers have increased, and so have the comments; at first being motivational, and then not so much. This week left me feeling insecure, and just downright shitty. I woke up one morning to 46+ comments on one squat video of all negativity, comments like "you consider this a squat, there's no range of motion," "your going to end up hurting yourself if you continue this," "I can't believe you pay a trainer for this," "you are paying for your trainers Mercedes" and so on (ps. none of my trainers drive a Mercedes.) At first I just ignored it, sure everyone always has something to say on the internet and it's not always going to be nice and helpful. I would acknowledge the positive and ignore the negative, though it still stung (hold this thought for a little while I talk about my day because it will come up later, as well as tomorrow.) Wednesday had me running all over the place, in a good way. I went to the mall, to visit the phone screen kiosk where I have had my cracked screen fixed (thankfully this was not why I was here today,) I needed a new tempered glass screen protector since I had cracked mine in three places, thankfully they work amazing but I was sick of looking at the hairline cracks. The same guy is always working, and when I ask him the price he says, "for you, $10" after already going through three protectors trying to get all the dust and air out from underneath. After the mall I stopped by the bank to set up direct deposit for Nolita before meeting Padraic at the Edge, I originally was supposed to pick him up at Iron Will but he said he found a ride. I waited in the car wasting time on Instagram and listening to music, I texted back and fourth and he said 9 minutes; and then 12 minutes had passed and there was no sight of him. I sat in my car for 20 minutes waiting before I saw Darian's car pull in and thought, "finally." I got out to see Darian was alone, where was Padraic?! I will state that one of my biggest pet peeves is waiting, I hate when I have plans with someone and expect them to be somewhere at a certain time and they're not. Granted this was not so much his fault since he was relying on someone else's schedule; but it still put me in a shitty mood. I walked in with Darian, and we warmed up separately; but together waiting on our workout partners to arrive while also talking over the whole Instagram negativity. He said that they found his page through mine and were doing the same thing to him, that it was just internet trolling and not to take it personal. Finally when they did, it took me a few sets before my bitter attitude faded and I was able to let go of the false start. We attacked back with all that we had, and called it a good day at the gym before heading out to Glastonbury for a hike at a new location. I had three different bags with me (gym backpack, hiking pack, and 6pack for my meals,) two pairs of sneakers, and as always an unlimited amount of sunglasses. It was such a nice day to be outside and I loved exploring new places, though I rather stay on trail; but bushwacking did land us at a very cool marsh and huge beaver eaten tree. This trail made me realize how much I missed the Appalachian Trail, nearly two years ago now. We hiked to a footbridge where we stopped so I could eat my meal, this moment made me realize how much I loved my lifestyle; eating healthy food in the middle of the woods brookside. We walked a little further, before turning around and heading back for the car; remember, it is Wednesday I have a massage to get to! I dropped Padraic off at Iron Will, and went home to get together my 5th meal of the day for post massage. I have finally used up all of my free massages that have accumulated over the months, and that is kind of heartbreaking since I don't want to stop my weekly two hour massages! Next week will be out of pocket, and I don't see myself stopping. I came home and Felix and I went to Kohl's to see what we could find for St. Patricks Day tomorrow; this year will mark the only year I won't be drinking on St. Paddy's Day, though I will be working so I guess I'll still be at a bar. I am also missing out on boiled dinner at home, so I guess it's good I'll be working and not home. Kohl's was kind of a bust, they didn't have any Irish themed shirts, so I ended up just getting a green tank top, and mint green button down to wear under my Nolita vest. Felix got a shirt for himself and my Mom, and then we headed back home. I assessed all of my bruises for this week and rubbed them with Arnica cream before bed. I also changed my daily goal from squats to flutter kicks since Carmen wants me to build more than maintain since I already have a pretty defined "booty." My shoulders also looked great in the lighting of the bathroom when I went in there so I had a mini photoshoot to show the definition.

     Happy St. Patricks Day, all! I woke up and grabbed my "drink 'til your green" hat next to my bed to send out a quick snap on Snapchat, the fact that no green beer or shots of Jameson would be on my itinerary today was a little sad for this Irish girl. I needed something to pick me up and help me feel festive, and I knew just the thing! But first I assembled a very green workout attire and knew my gym swag would be on point for the occasion. I went downstairs to see the cutest little Leprechaun before school, and started my morning routine and breakfast assembly. Though for today; I added green food coloring and lime zest on top of my oatmeal to compromise for not going out drinking later to celebrate. My mom thought it looked gross, but I loved it! I continuously got negative comments on my Instagram videos, and even on a funny quote I posted trying to be positive with the whole situation and they commented to train my muscles instead of my ego. Now I will admit that my video posted of me squatting is half squats and not a full range motion deep squat because there is 165 pounds on the bar and it was a heavy day. For anyone that knows me, I am very flexible; and trust me when the weight is less I go ass to grass. I went to meet Daniel the photographer at the studio and get my weekly photos taken, Darian and Carmen showed up for theirs as well, and we talked more about the Instagram hate. Darian said he has just been blocking people and deleting the comments after waking up one morning with 75 comments. I had no idea how to delete the comments so he showed me, but first he noted to make sure you block them or they will say shit about you deleting the comments. Well this was a nice piece of knowledge to have, and get the negativity off of my page. Darian did state however that if a sponsor were to go to my page and see that I have 1,000 views on my video, that would be a plus for me. So as they say, bad publicity is better than none! So thanks for the 1,000+ views on my video and now no negative comments to follow. Most of the pages had like 3 3 followers and 0 posts, which meant they were internet trolls; others seemed like legit people, but their accounts could have been hacked by someone else, makes me wonder if my account has ever been used to leave negativity on someone's page; I hope not! I came home to decompress the static and spend some time outside doing yoga and meditating, when I came inside though I wasn't sure if I had burnt my right quad or if it was a heat rash. My thigh was red and blotchy and I didn't know what to do about it, I walked around the house with my pants around my knees hoping it would fade, and eventually it did. Must have been the compression of the leggings and the warmth of the sun that gave me a heat rash, very odd. When I walked in the gym, Dee and Carmen bombarded me with the idea of competing early; April 23 to be exact in Massachusets (about 2.5 hours away) and this caught me off guard. I was flattered for them to ask, and even more that they think I could be ready; but mentally I don't even know that I am ready for May 28, never mind April 23! I thought about the idea, and what that would mean during my workout. They wanted an answer as soon as possible which was understandable, but tonight I had work, tomorrow night I had work, and the following night, which didn't leave much clutter-free mind time to think. The idea kind of stressed me out, the competition would be a Super Pro or something like that; basically you don't have to pre-qualify for your pro card; if you win at this show you get your pro card. Pretty intimidating, and I wish the two shows were the other way around, so the first could act like practice, we'll see! Sweat a lot today during my shoulder workout with Carmen and the girls, came home showered and got ready for work not being able to dry my hair, so up in a bun it went. Work was no busier than a regular karaoke night, and that is probably since it is not an Irish pub, though plenty of Jameson shots went out and Guinness was poured. We did have a special Irish menu though which helped those who did come celebrate. It died down around 11:30 with a few content people around the bar so I started to pull the mats and prep the bar for cleaning later, around 12:30 a guy came in from the hotel joined door and told me to grab him a beer; yes told not asked. So I asked what kind can I get you, he replied, "bring me anything, just bring me a beer." Now, I hate being left to decide for people, unless of course they are extremely easy going and like anything. Quickly I judged him as a Budweiser guy and grabbed a Bud and set it down. He started to small talk about how he was having a shitty day, and if I could bring some mozzarella sticks up to his 11 year old son in the hotel room. Wait back up, you left your son up in the hotel room alone while your down here drinking? Red flag number one. Wait for it because number two is right around the corner; as his took a second sip, he's like "I'm sorry but I can't drink this, I can't drink Budweiser can you bring me something else?" Don't tell me to bring you any beer, and then reject one of the most common beers; I don't even drink beer, but I'd drink a Budweiser if someone brought me it after saying bring me any beer. He says he doesn't want to be difficult, so I said well Sir you tell me what to bring you then and I will bring it to you. He requests a Guinness, so I go to pour as his kid walks through the door; he asks him if he wants mozzarella stick and the kid declines and goes back out into the lobby. He proceeds to tell me how he is in a band, and is a plumber and basically talking my ear off in circles; oh so this is what being a bartender means. He stops, and asks if I brought up the mozzarella sticks to his kid, and I said no; he said he didn't want them so I didn't want to send them up if he didn't. He replied, "just send it up to him, room 206." He showed me his key card and it said "266" this was red flag number three, he doesn't know the room he is staying in. As I put an order through for fried mozzarella, two business men sat at the opposing corner of the musician plumber and ordered a Budweiser, and a BudLight and I heard him tell the two men how he is a musician and a plumber and so it all started again. I stayed at the other end of the bar talking with a local that stops in for a drink before heading home, he too picked up quickly on the conversation being had between the three men. The two business men told me how I needed to buy them both a beer for how much they were being bothered instead of me, as much as I felt bad for them, I was so happy they were there to listen to him over me. He was later kicked out for making a racist comment referring to a woman's hair and trying to touch it; to top it off, it was her birthday. I felt horrible and more embarrassed for her, so I got her and her friend a birthday shot on me, and took a water shot with them. By the end of the night, she had a better ending to her birthday than the start of it (or the start at Nolita) which was good to hear.

     One thing I have come to love about the fitness journey I have started is the new people I have met, and the ones I have re-kindled with from the past. My friend Shane, the one I visited at the barracks in Colorado (for anyone who followed my first road trip blog) his sister has been involved in the fitness industry and Advocare for a couple years now, and saw my progress and reached out. We decided to meet up at the Edge Fitness to workout, catch up, and show her the newest rave of Manchester in the fitness world. Friday's are bonus days for me so we didn't really have a plan; we did some booty work with front squats, lunges, cable work, and threw in some finishing bicep work, because let's face it, I love the bicep pump. She fell in love with the gym, and I forgot to save the photo of us I took through Snapchat so all I have is a few videos! Guess we will have to workout together again. Work Friday brought my left thumbnail to be ripped off very low and left sensitive with no bandages at work; I folded up some toilet paper, and taped it around my thumb as a makeshift bandaid so I wouldn't bang it on things, or the lime juice stopped stinging it. The night was manageable for X and I until a few hours after he left of course and all hell broke loose. He was there for the fight however; between a local couple that comes in all the time, and some older guy that was either already drunk, or messed up in some other way since all I gave him was one Malibu, pineapple, and cranberry. The older guy came up to the couple while they were eating dinner at the bar and was eying the woman and making inappropriate comments, which pissed her man off. After asking him to walk away, he pushed him, and that is when X went over to try to break up the fight; but let's face it, X is maybe two inches taller than my 5'2" body. I went in the back to grab V the owner and by the time I got back they had taken it outside and the cops were on their way. I wonder if any of my East Hartford friends would be showing up for the arrest? We went amongst the evening until 15 minutes later when the guy re-appeared and started saying stuff again, apparently the cops had not gotten here yet? The owner comped the whole dinner of the couple that came in frequently, and the excitement died down, for now. It wasn't until about 1:00am when I got bombarded with small parties of random people, some regulars, others just drunk. I was running all over the place trying to keep everyone satisfied, until two guys who come in regularly came in with two girls; one of which was basically passed out at the bar, the other incoherent running around with what looked like a pregnant belly hanging out. At first she was just an annoyance, like a gnat in the summertime; wanting to kiss me, and follow me around the bar even though I told the guys to keep her seated. It was then, when she actually tried to eat off a strangers plate that I told the guys that they needed to go, I am sorry but she can't be in here anymore. Once again V had to comp yet another bill, for the fact that this random girl was eating off of his plate. I am not sure if it is a full moon tonight or what, but everyone was acting crazy; spring fever full effect. Once they were kicked out, everyone started to scatter out of the bar and I was left with the ABC regulars, Dominic and Rob from Margaritas, and two of V's friends who were around my age. The bar was a mess from me being so busy tending to customers, and lacking having the time to pick up glasses and dishes. I caught up on clearing the bar top, and getting back on track with closing since it was nearly 2:00am. V had me announce that he was going to buy the bar a round on him to find out what the vote was for a shot; I had no say since I wouldn't be drinking, but they ended up taking Woodford Reserve in honor of St. Patrick's Day, and I shot back some H2O. The ABC crew left and it was just V talking with Dominic and Rob, and then his two friends down the other side of the bar. As much as the two guys wanted to chat with me, it was after 2:00 and cleaning was the only obligation on my mind, sure they were friends of V and I acknowledged that; but it was also after closing, and I had been running around on "hanger" all night. Dominic and Rob left, and I left before the two guys; I was cleaning and had Anthony (not my cousin) and V behind the bar making drinks in the bar I had just cleaned. I stood to talk with V and the guys for a bit about fitness and why I couldn't have a drink with them, before politely excusing myself since I had like three meals to eat. I came home to well, binge on the missed meals and catch my breath being in the home stretch of my weekend.

     I had yet more laundry to do, and going to bed at quarter to 5am the night before leaves me waking up at noontime. I have friends ask all the time to hang out on Saturday, and the truth is; I don't have the energy before I have to get ready and be back in for 5:00pm. My weighted vest I ordered did come in the mail today though, and I am in love with it; it fits like a glove! I am planning on doing my first of hopefully a couple obstacle races this summer (Tough Mudder, etc.) so I want to start getting my endurance ready. I wore the vest around the house, hanging with family, and preparing myself mentally for the last night of work of the "week." The bar was moderately busy but nothing that I couldn't handle myself until Xavier got there in an hour, except he wasn't there at 6:00 and the bar was picking up. Usually when he is running late he checks in with me through text and let's me know; I quickly checked my phone, and nothing. I asked one of the servers to text him to see when he would be in, he thankfully showed up about 10 minutes later. We had a group of about 14 guys in the lounge for basketball of course; March Madness is exactly that to me. The night was fast paced but nothing to break-down about, at around 9:20 it started to die down and I put away the two racks of clean glasses before letting X know I would be heading out, he replied with "whatever just don't talk to me right now." I chuckled inside my head at how flustered he gets, and how he holds on to things when people annoy him. I did nothing wrong, and yet he was being an ass to me. Did I give him attitude about showing up late, no? So I ignored him, clocked out, and left. I have learned to try to put a smile on my face even when it is hard to at the bar, he however just shows you how he feels. Back at home I could finally take a sigh of relief that it was my "Friday night" and I was home. I took off my warm weighted vest, which felt amazing to take off by the way; and sat to relax. I have been watching the weather for tomorrow, originally Padraic and I planned to do some yoga outside and have a picnic; but it may snow. As of now, it is supposed to be 43 and partially sunny, so the outdoor festivities are on. 

     Sundays are my "Saturdays" of relaxation, the first day when I don't have to rush around like a crazy person either trying to get stuff done, prepped, or tend to people at the bar. I like to take Sundays easy, and what better way than some yoga with a friend. Padraic asked if I wanted to workout first, and although that wasn't the plan, I agreed a workout would be nice. We did some light leg; with some more front squats, and kettlebell work before deciding to carry on with our day. I asked if he minded stopping by the Manchester Health Shoppe since we would be passing it, and he didn't at all; I needed to pick up more probiotic, apple cider vinegar, and I ended up getting some ginger peach tea since Padraic had it in his hand and it sounded amazing. After, we stopped at Stop & Shop so I could pick up more cranberry juice, and so we could get the necessities to make tea by campfire after our yoga session. We got a pot to boil in, bottled water, and to-go hot beverage containers, we just needed to stop by the gas station to pick up a lighter. Finding that new place in Glastonbury, had us wanting to go back; we drove out, changed, and grabbed our yoga mats to trek into the woods to the bridge. It was so peaceful by the river, but it was a lot colder than ideal, especially for yoga. My hands and feet were freezing, not to mention having to stop a few times for people to cross the bridge, we finished with our socks on and then decided to get the fire going. It was a little tricky at first, but once we got it going, the coals were established to keep it going. We sat to enjoy our lunch; well, I enjoyed Padraic's more than my own but I only had two bites. He had gone to my favorite Indian restaurant the night before; Utsav and got lamb, bringing the leftovers along with quinoa and boiled carrots. Although the carrots did not tempt me, the rest did. Bless his heart that he offered me some, and even insisted when I politely declined but secretly wanted a bite. It's not like I took a bite of a fatty bacon cheeseburger; it was Indian lamb and quinoa, I'll be fine! I loved the Sunday we were partaking in; working out, yoga (even if I was freezing,) hiking to a river to have a fire and lunch, and now we were about to boil water for tea! We hung out here for awhile, sometimes talking, sometimes in silence; and both were appreciated. We decided to make a pot for the hike back, and in that time my right big toe had become numb without me realizing it. By the time we started walking, I realized something was not right. I even asked Padraic if it was cold enough to get frost bite, which is hilarious; but shows you how concerned I really was. We stopped while I took off my shoe and began rubbing my foot, he then gave me another pair of socks to put on and he rubbed my foot trying with friction to get the warmth and feeling back in it. It didn't improve however; I took off my right knee compression wondering if the circulation was being cut off from that. It was numb the whole hike back, and when we got to the car, I took off my shoes and blasted the heat on my feet while rubbing them together. Eventually (by the time I dropped Padraic off at his friends) the feeling was almost back to 100% how bazaar! I hung out at home, showered, and waited for Jillian to let me know she was available since it had been quite some time since we had physically hung out. I ended up getting to her place around 8:30 and leaving around 10:30. It was nice to catch up and talk since we were used to seeing each other at least once, sometimes twice a week prior to my new schedule. She showed me some climbing videos (which was ironic she was watching them since she hated our time at the climbing gym) which made me long for an outdoor adventure, uh oh! I drove home knowing I didn't have the energy to blog tonight and that kind of frustrated me knowing I would have to do it all tomorrow. Another week down, and another week closer!

Morning dehydrated weight
Thumb is healing up nicely!
Prep containers have arrived from the ones I shattered last week!
And, I ordered the wrong size; these are the ones I have for my smaller meal...
I bought out Manchester, guess I'll have to go to Wethersfield
After breakfast, and hydration
Nana said I could have the two sizes I need from this and she took the little ones too!
Shattered ones replaced
SAM's Club this week
Kitchen stress reliever
Nothing better than grilled chicken
Second store of the week
Big Y this week; minus the milk since I don't drink it
There's a Super Hero in all of us, which one are you?
This week I had to go to Whole Foods (not complaining it's my favorite)
New buys! Because there are better options than just brown rice
Over cooked lentils on the left, perfection on the right
I've always been the type to eat with my eyes
Grinding flax for my oatmeal

Posing this week
Yoga Kisses
My knees have been bothering me; shin compression pulled up will have to do for tonight
Leaving the bar, unheard of at this time

I love the mailman these days, and Amazon Prime
A day of adventure means extra baggage
What a beautiful day to be at the gym

Always running into the fam at the gym, Carmen hiding my gains
Shoe switch
Exploring new places

Candid shot because I loved the piece of wood in the water
Such a nice trail (though this was bushwacking to get to)
Carmen needs to add more food to my meal plan, I almost ate this whole tree!
Photo doesn't do this trail or trees justice
Yoga Padraic

Lifestyle shot, favorite place to eat my meals

Getting my post massage meal ready
Weekly Massage with John
Changing up the uniform for St. Patrick's Day
Left bruise this week
Right bruise this week
Random small knee bruises
It's like a constellation on my leg
Still have my right bicep bruise
Changed up the daily goals
Trying to stay positive, and they attack that too
My shoulder definition was looking on point so I snapped a photo

Which then lead to some back shots

And an arm shot, don't judge

At least my gym attire will be on point
She's just the cutest; but the shirt says it all

Won't be having green beer this year; so green oatmeal it is!
808 views, and 46+ comments of negativity

Internet trolling, 3 followers and 0 posts

Darien showed me how to block and delete comments
Really Connecticut, really?

What is going on? This better be a heat rash
Irish gym look 
At least it wasn't a burn and it went away after a couple hours
That moment when your definition shows through your shirt

Haven't been on the stair master in awhile

Threw in a little bicep to get a nice little pump on 
Last week it was 70 degrees and this week below freezing
When you don't have bandages at work
One, two, three; catch up on everything
Two meals that were missed, now gone
Water, gone
Apple done, only thing I couldn't fit was the rest of the second water
The app I use to track my sleep; yes I went to bed around 4:42am and woke up at noontime; must be Saturday!
Oh hey! Another package
Weighted vest is in with extra weights and it fits like a glove!
Muscle repair is as important as growth; foam roller
So much for the snow, now Padraic and I can do yoga outside
My nail got ripped off and is so sensitive, that's why I needed to tape it at work
Feeling like Wonder Woman coming home from work taking off my weighted vest

Sunday Funday
Impromptu decision to make tea outdoors
Yoga session in Glastonbury by the river
It was so cold!
Was thinking about this fire at least the last 20 minutes of yoga
Fire, heat, so nice
Picnic in the woods; and he brings Indian lamb with red quinoa and carrots (jealous of it all minus the carrots)
Typical of me (but he gave me two bites of the quinoa and lamb it was so good)
What a perfect day of relaxation, only wish it was about 10-20 degrees warmer
Building a nice bed of coals for the pot of water to sit on
We both picked up this tea, it sounds amazing and I love the lemon ginger one
Hobo camping style

The smell of campfire and peaches was amazing
Tea party for two in the woods!
Just hanging out
You would never know we were freezing
Trying to warm myself in the sun, great spot to hangout
One last brew to go, before heading back to the car

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