Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 27- Virginia Beach/ Chincoteague Island

I am still alive to tell another day on the blog meaning I was not disturbed last night in my tent, good news for you all you should celebrate. I packed up most of my belongings with the exception of the tent, and took my things to the shower house to shower. After my shower; I packed up the tent, braided my hair, and grabbed the last of my packed breakfasts which happened to be the Mountain House granola and blueberries. I added room temperature water to it, jumped in the driver's seat, and headed for the beach. I was now on the in, so once I got there I just told them I was headed to Eddie's and saved a few bucks. I sat down on the beach, ate my breakfast, and began blogging some more. It was incredible how many Navy fighter jets fly by in a single day, not to mention how loud they are. I examined my legs which looked like I had chicken pox, I don't; they are bug bites, but still there were so many! I stayed at the beach until the afternoon and decided to head to Chincoteague Island a couple hours away. The initial drive was not on the interstate, I got gas barefoot at Shell and then proceeded to drive down a tree covered back road. The drive way beautiful to the island; first with the green tunnel road, and then with the long bridge-like highway that went out into the ocean. It was one of the coolest things to look around and see nothing but ocean, and yet I was driving through it. There were a couple tunnels which took the car under the water, and then back up I'd pop and have water on either side of me. It was a gorgeous day, and I was so fascinated with the idea that pillars were holding multiple cars up around one of the most strongest forces of nature. It reminded me of driving to Key West when I was younger; I remember nothing of going to Key West, or anything we did there, but I remember the long drive with water on either side, and constantly wanting to stop at every shell store (beach shells not the gas station) along the way. After awhile of driving on the ocean bypass, land was in sight. This drive was probably one of my favorites of the road trip in it's entirely. The speed limit on the road was 55mph, I had the windows rolled down the entire time, music turned up, and my hand out the window. I felt more connected to the experience of driving, than just using the car to get from point A to point B. The signs on the side of the road reminded me of Old Route 66, they were fighting for attention and told the tourist where to eat, stay, and adventure. Once I got to the final bridge to Chincoteague Island, the colors were vibrant and welcoming. I drove to Tom's Cove Campground first, it was not my first choice; but yesterday when I called they were the only one's that picked up. They didn't require a reservation because they only took cash, Tom is making away like a bandit with the government, more power to him on some tropical island somewhere. I drove into the campground and it was a long gravel road to the registration center. I stepped inside and didn't get a welcoming arrival, they did however let me drive around to check out the campsites like I had asked. I drove around to see the primative, and electrical sites. I was not impressed for $47.00 a night when I would be staying for two nights. The place was kind of barren and I decided to call the place I wanted to stay at originally. Luckily, this time they picked up; the woman's voice was very warm on the other end and I told her I was coming from Tom's. I drove about 9 minutes to get to Maddox Family Campground, and inside I found an older woman who could have been your quintessential grandma. She had no problem with me driving around, and already I liked the place better. The entry road was short and paved, the office was right when you came in, and I could already see campsites to the left of the office with plenty of trees. I drove to see the primitive sites on the "ocean front" which really just looked like a marsh and chose to stay within the pine trees with electricity to finally catch up on the blog. She asked me which site I would like, and I didn't even take that into consideration I was used to being told which site I would be staying on. She said it would be no problem just pick one out and tell her after. She even asked if I wanted to pay for the two nights up front, or one at a time. I chose to pay for both just to minimize the hassle but still it was a nice gesture. I drove around to at least 5 sites, I wanted to be close to the gravel entry road to the main paved road which meant I would be close to the office/shower house. I also wanted to be on the end to ensure I didn't have people on either side of me and front and back. It's like I was searching for a plot of land for real estate right? It was just two nights. I settled on the end, and then realized there was no electric box. I went to another site that had an electrical box, but no guts inside, third times a charm, I found my home at D-153. There were trees for my hammock, an electrical box, decent size site, and the second in from the gravel road. I set up my hammock, tent, and chairs. I was deciding if I wanted to go out to lunch, or just eat a Mountain House meal, it being the last couple days I opted to go out. I drove down the street to Sea Star Cafe, gourmet carry out and ordered a havarti cheese, house-made hummus, avocado, tomato, cucumber, roasted red peppers & sprouts in a pita fold with a lemonade and a bag of salt and vinegar chips it also came with a pickle. I don't know if I ordered too much in it or what but it was impossible to eat, hungry and growing annoyed I took out my knife and cut it in half; it still didn't help me. Everything was sliding out and falling apart, I went up and asked for a fork and a knife and ate it open faced it was so good. I sat outside the restaurant and enjoyed the view and my late lunch/early dinner. After finishing, I took half of the bag of chips and lemonade back to the campground with me. There, I sat and blogged. The beauty of the woods got the best of me and you will see my tree hugging artistic photos below of tree bark and pinecones. The fog rolled in and it got really cold like 50's cold. I sat in the car blogging for awhile before venturing out to the hammock to wrap myself up like a burrito. I wore my pants, sweatshirt, socks; had my sleeping bag, and blanket all in the hammock with me. It was pretty cozy as I closed my eyes and slightly swung to sleep.

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