Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 23-Kansas City

We had the alarm set for 10:00am, and we slept until at least then. The plan was to grab brunch more on the breakfast timeframe, walk around, shop, head back to the apartment to do laundry, and make lunch, and then later go for a massage and have dinner. We went to a place downtown for breakfast and I got an omelette. It was nothing special, I had asked to add spinach and somehow we got stuck with the first time waiter. We sat outside and it was a beautiful day, and he was really nice it wasn't his fault but my omlette didn't contain spinach. He asked if I wanted him to grab me some, somehow I don't think grabbing me a side of spinach would help. He didn't know what to do so he walked away, coming back with a fruit cup momentarily, and then walking off. I was appreciative of the fruit at least, it was nice they took care of their customers though it was not spinach. The offerings didn't stop there however, he came out with a French press and a cup for the coffee, if only I drank coffee I thought to myself. I made Allie press and drink some of if because somehow within his mistake, I felt bad for not drinking the complimentary coffee he had brought for me. After breakfast, we walked around to check out some of the fountains Kansas City is famous for, and some of the upscale shopping. We went in a stamping store where Allie got some thank you cards, and I picked up a couple cute stamps, and ink for possibly a cute business proposition. We spent awhile in that store, so after we decided to walk home to put the laundry in and make lunch. Allie picked up culinary lavender at the farmers market so I made lavender lemonade and she made lunch. Coincidently, they both finished at the same time. I hand squeezed, no lemon squeezing tool used nearly a dozen lemons. The lemonade consisted of honey, lemon juice, lavender, boiling water, and ice water. Lunch was sautéed onions, morels, and asparagus, everything was fantastic. We sat and ate, while watching Holes the Disney movie on the couch. Allie switched the laundry, and I uploaded photos to the blog. We had planned to get a massage at this Asian place Allie goes that is only like $28.00 for an hour massage, I pay over $60.00 at home. I was pretty excited to get a massage after being crammed in a car, and sleeping on the ground for the past 20 plus days. We drove for our 7:30 massage and I felt like we were in another country when we stepped inside. All of the posters were in another language, they focussed on reflexology (healing within the foot), and it was one large room with a bunch of people. We walked in the dim lit room, waited for about 5 minutes, and then escorted to our couch-like recliner. All clothes are kept on in the room; I took off my socks and shoes and rolled up my pants while the masseuse brought a warm bucket of water to soak my feet. There had to be at least 30 inclined beds with foot stools with an abundant amount of people occupying them. Allie was set up behind me so we didn't see much of each other for the next hour. It was a full body massage and I fell asleep at least twice while he worked on my feet, it was so relaxing. I wish the feet were saved for last, since my back was and that was not relaxing. With every knot I tried to breathe through his hands kneeding into my muscles. I loved the experience, and couldn't have spent my money any other way. In a relaxed daze, we walked out of the parlor and to dinner at Local Pig. We had enough vegetarian and vegan options during my stay, I was ready for some good quality butchering. Even Allie was going to go off her cleanse to try Local Pig since she had never been there, but only heard good things about the place. As we walked in, the bartender came over and asked us if we would like to sit at the bar with him, Allie quickly responded "no" still in a relaxed state. He was thrown off by her pungent response, and took us to a table. The atmosphere was very dim lit, and rustic. Allie ordered a cocktail, and we decided to share an appetizer and two entries again to try multiple options. We started with a blackberry-sage jam, and goat cheese plate with baguettes and radish, it was so fresh and delicious. We then ordered chorizo tamales, and bacon wrapped pork. The bacon wrapped pork with vegetables was alright, but the chorizo tamales were amazing, highly recommended. By this point, the bartender had come over and asked if I wanted a drink, I declined. Allie then realized she thought she knew him from somewhere. She looked him up on Facebook and we both agreed we thought it was him. She then told me about how they met at a bar, with two friends and really hit it off. Apparently he had a girlfriend to find out, which left her confused. When our waitress came over, I asked if the bartender was Elijah and it was, seemed this was the guy Allie had met previously. We left and decided to go to Glacé an artisan ice cream parlor that was more like gelato. I tried a couple favors and decided to go with goat cheese and wild flower honey, it was amazing. It sounds so odd to have that flavor in ice cream, but it truly was phenomenal. Allie got a mix of mint, and chocolate. We sat outside enjoying our very un-vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free night out and decided to head home and get ready for bed. Tomorrow is my last half day in Kansas City, Allie goes back to work, and I will come in for a few hours. Kansas City has been a blast, right behind Nashville for being probably my favorite city of the trip. It was not only filled with a three day marathon of one of my best friends, but also great food, culture, and people. I hope to come back and visit again! 

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