Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 19- Fort Carson

My phone ended up falling in between the wall and the bed at some point last night, waking me up from finally falling asleep. It was a restless night battling with the warmth, and not being able to fall asleep. I woke up at 3:00am to check the time, way too early. Shane left for work around 7:30-7:45am and I got up to go to the bathroom. His suitemate was still in his room since I could see his light on from under the door, I went to the bathroom and got back in the room as quietly as possible; Shane says he's a dick. I laid back down for awhile and decided to get up before my 8:30 alarm went off. The suitemate left by now so I opened the door to the common area so I wasn't so boxed in, and then it sounded like he had come back and I quickly, and quietly, got up to shut shane's door and lock it. He must have forgotten something because after a little while he was out the door again. I had a cup of grapefruits from Shane's mini fridge in his room and pulled out a  granola bar from my backpack. I knew today would be a sit inside, and catch up on the blog day. Not to mention I was kind of scared to leave the room by myself without Shane around (though he did make me my own key.) I sat on the bed and began to write from four days ago, time flew by and in no time I was nearly caught up. Shane texted me saying he would be at the range today and would be home around 4:00pm, I suggested we go climbing tonight if he was up for it and he agreed. It was around noon time and I was growing hungry, I decided to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the kitchen. It sure is quiet and lonely here during the day, but I am sure it is rarely like this for Shane since he goes to work during the day. I caught up on yesterday's blog while talking with Blake for our daily hour or so conversation with the huge time difference. After, I FaceTimed with Mom and Hunter and before I knew it, Shane was back. He was out of uniform before I could even think of turning on the camera, tomorrow I will yell at him and make him let me take a photo. His phone only had a 2% charge so we sat and waited for it to take on at least 20%. Shortly thereafter, we left the room I was in all day and it was a beautiful day! We headed to downtown Colorado Springs to City Rock the indoor gym. I had to watch a sweet quick video, sign a waver, and only pay $5 for shoes since Shane had guest passes for me to get in free with. The gym was massive; there was a bar inside, three floors of climbing, slack lines, and weight training area. I started on V0 in the boulder section and it was higher than I had done in the past, and it topped out so once I got to the top; I climbed over the wall, and went down the stairs. I worked my way up some V1 routes, and a couple V2's but my skill level currently is in-between the two. I can make V1 with no problem, but get hung up on a lot of the V2's. It was fun watching Shane do some of the more difficult ones, he volunteers here one day a week so they know him pretty well. We stuck to just bouldering since I didn't want to test out my knowledge on belaying, and Shane offered to brush up with me but I didn't want to waste time. Though I do enjoy climbing with ropes. We had fun, and my arms and fingers sure got a workout. We stayed for just under two hours and decided to go grab dinner. He had asked if I had ever been to PitaPit, and I had never even heard of it. Apparently it is like a Subway, or Moe's but with pitas and gyros. We went down the road to check it out; Shane usually orders the cheesesteak with peppers, onions, and mushrooms, so I followed suite. Inside I put chopped tomatoes, banana peppers, Ancho sauce, with a bag of salt and vinegar chips; it was really good! The sun would be setting soon, so we decided to drive up Old Stage Road which would give a nice view of Colorado Springs below. The drive up was through a really nice part of town, there was a huge golf course, and mansions on either side of the road. The smell by the golf course was very unique; it was a faint smell of fresh cut grass, with a stronger scent of holiday spices, maybe what you mull cider with. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but it was amazing. Once we reached the dirt road, Shane blew the Subaru around the corner and up we went. The views were really nice, and I wished i brought my camera with me. We stopped at some pull offs to take some photos with my cell phone, and continued up the winding rutted dirt road. We saw a few passing vehicles here and there and then decided to turn around and head back to base. When we got to gate 4, they started to scan our ID's and we heard, "watch out he may have a hatchet in his vehicle." We looked over to find the kid that was really cool with us yesterday and had talked to us most, saying how ridiculous the other guy was being. We laughed and told the guy checking our IDs to ask him after what he was talking about, it was a good story. We both gave him a wave as we passed by, the shifts always change but what are the chances. It was pretty funny running into him again. Back at the barracks, we saw Shane's friend; Tristan in the parking lot pulling in. We waited and talked to him for a few minutes before heading in so we could shower. I knew Shane would only take a few minutes, so I let him get in first so he could start packing after. I jumped in after and he began packing. He heads to a month long live in training starting Friday at 4am so he has to gather all of the requirements they ask of him. According to him, most of the things are useless. After he packed all that he could, I began to blog and he sewed the massive hole in my running shorts from the tear the other night. The rest of the night was spent eating grapes, playing online, and talking before heading to bed. Tomorrow I will actually leave the room, and try to explore Garden of the Gods, and Pikes Peak if the road is open which I am hoping it is!

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