Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 10-California

The morning defiantly came too early around 7-7:30 when I heard the guys showers begin. We had to be out when just left for work around 8:15. I woke up slowly since today would be a beach day and I wouldn't have to shower or get ready. I let Rosie sleep as long as possible while I got dressed, and consolidated our stuff. I then Googled best breakfast in LA. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, and the fact that I have not had eggs in over a week was weighing on me. Kevin and Garvey said bye, and then when Justin and Echelle came out they suggested Huckleberry for breakfast. I got on my bathing suite and out the door we went. The day was overcast and cloudy, and a little chilly. We headed 15 minutes away to Huckleberry and paid the meter on the street for parking. The inside was a cute cafe-like spot, there were all kinds of pastries in the glass, but I spotted an egg sandwich...for $11. Needless to say I got a bacon, egg, Gouda, arugula, and aioli sandwich. For the record it was a big sandwich, and really good; but $11 is expensive for breakfast. We headed to Santa Monica Pier and didn't know where to park, we ended up driving on road with no turns and heavy traffic for awhile. Finally able to turn around, we found lots to park at for $8, I drove to the next one closer to the pier and go figure it was $12. We parked, went up on the pier and decided to walk up to the pier sign. On the way I asked if Rosie would French braid my hair since it was pretty breezy, when we got to the sign a guy asked if we needed tour information when I declined he asked where we were from and I just continued walking. Apparently he said "yeah just go." When I didn't answer but I didn't hear that nor did I care, how did he know we weren't locals? Sitting on the bench Rosie braided my hair and a guy next to us started a conversation and asked where we were from I said East LA. Tribute goes out to the time Blake and I went to Vermont and he taught me you could be anyone you wanted to be. I played the roll and he said how he used to live over there I asked where he lived now and he said Venice. He said we looked very white and must be the only white people in the neighborhood amongst all the Mexicans I said, there were a few. Keeping it casual he asked what part and I stated we just moved here from Connecticut, another guy with him asked what we do and I said Photographer and Rosie explained that she was a preschool teacher. This guy was from Alaska which was pretty cool and his wife used to work with children with special needs. After my hair was done, we said our goodbyes and they warned us of the pit pocketers around, we thanked them and headed back down the pier. Santa Monica Pier is not what I expected, very rundown and outdated. We walked the length of the pier and few cheesy shops but I figured there would be more. At the end of the pier we decided to sit on the beach so I could blog. We walked down to the beach, it was still windy and cloudy, and I sat catching up on my writing. The sun finally poked through and the clouds cleared to a nice day. We decided to head to Venice beach. We got there and parked for $20 I was annoyed with the guy working the valet since he wanted to keep our key and guaranteed it would be fine. It seemed like a lot more was going on here. There were a lot of shops and vendors, people riding bikes and skateboards, and people on the beach. I blogged for most of the day to catch up, and once I did I was finally able to just lay in the sun, listen to the waves, and relax. What I didn't know, was that the breezy unlike summer day would leave a mark on me. We stayed on the beach until 5:40 or so, Justin would be getting home from work around 6:00 and the plan was to go to Trader Joes and pick up some ingredients for dinner. When we got back to the valet to pick up our car, I saw that the window was rolloed down halfway on one side. You've got to be kidding me, I explained how I had a lot of stuff in the car and here it was accessible. I walked up and stated how I was not happy that the window was left open and he said all of the windows are left open because they keys are left in the vehicles. Luckily he walked away because I was very upset with the fact that the cars were left like that. As soon as I got in the car I felt my forehead on fire, great I guess the sun was strong today. The more time progressed, the worse it got. I FaceTimed with Hunter before bed, and that was nice since it had been sometime since we had. We met Justin outside of the apartment, and walked over to Trader Joes to get pork chops, beans, tortillas, and tomatillo sauce for dinner. Justin lived in Argentina for a year after college, and has worked at a few restaurants, making him a very good cook. I looked for Vita coconut water to help with the sunburn but they didn't carry it. We walked back to the apartment and I uploaded a few photos, while talking with Justin; waiting for Echelle to arrive. He gave me a beer, and a bag of frozen corn to help with the heat and pain of the burn. Once Echelle got here, Justin started cooking and we just hung around casually talking until Rosie asked if she could talk to me outside. We had had our small discrepancies throughout the trip, but I never saw this coming. I am disappointed to say, she will no longer be continuing on this road trip journey. She said that she was homesick, and was unhappy, and that she was looking into flights for the morning. I didn't know what to say, a million things raced through my head but all I could get out was an unsure, "alright." We went back inside, and I couldn't face all of the feelings I was having within. I shortly thereafter went back outside in the courtyard to gather myself, and my feelings. I felt disappointed, hurt, anger, uncertainty, and confusion. She had told me many times through the trip she we always up for adventure, and that this was such an amazing opportunity. I texted and asked her to come out in the courtyard. Once down there, my emotions got the best of me and I tried to explain that I didn't know what to say and I wished she would stay and complete the roadtrip like we planned. She said that she wasn't happy and didn't think she could do another three weeks. The bottom line, I asked if she already got her ticket, she did. I explained how I wish she hadn't, but it seemed like she had already made up her mind on what she wanted to do, so there was nothing I could do about it. I told her I needed some time, and she walked away and headed back up to the apartment. I texted my Mom even though it was around 11:30pm in Connecticut to let her know what was going on. Justin came down to see if I was alright, and soon after he arrived, my Mom called. We talked for awhile and she reassured me that I am an amazing, strong and very brave person who can do anything I set my mind to. To just relax and enjoy the next part of my adventure. As always, "Everything happens for a reason..." She reminded me that I walked up almost the whole East coast alone, that I would be fine. I know I'll be fine, it's just the principle of counting on someone to be there that told you they would. Justin came down again and sat with me for awhile trying to reassure me everything would be alright. We decided to go back up to the apartment and enjoy the dinner that he had made for us (though the thought of eating was now the last thing on my mind.) Thankfully, everything was fantastic making it easier to eat dinner. A huge thanks to Justin for not only making dinner, but also for always being there for me when I need someone to talk to. The rest of the night was kind of a daze, and not the 4/20 kind of daze (though Garvey did want Echelle to attempt helping him make some brownies, this did not happen however.) My face was on fire, we sat awkwardly in random silences which were broken by small talk, I uploaded the last of the photos for today, and went and got things to take a cold shower before bed. Rosie packed up most of her stuff; leaving her sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and other random items she wouldn't be able to bring on the plane with me in the car. Her flight is in the morning, Justin works in the morning, and I have to re-evaluate some of the trip since our next stop was Vegas and that surely is no fun alone. I took my cold shower, lathered my face in aloe, and called it a night in hopes to get some sleep tonight for a clearer head tomorrow. Meditation is a must this evening before bed. Goodnight.

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