Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 161- Slack Pack Number One

Luckily last night was warmer than the night before in the trailer. My alarm was set again for 6:30 and 6:45 for breakfast at 7:00. I walked into the cabin and up the stairs and to my surprise I was the first one up there again. Is hell freezing over?! I put some water in the microwave to heat for tea, and before I knew it Lynn was here as well. We sat for breakfast and had the same spread as the day before plus scrambled eggs. It took awhile to get everyone up and running and ready to head out. Poncho, Alpine, and Babs were heading out with full packs and the rest of us were slack packing. We all packed into the minivan, and stopped at the general store so people could use the ATM. Most got in and out, I was nominated to see what Babs was up to; seems she was buying cheese. A few hikers got annoyed with the delay but it is what it is. We drove out to the drop off location and off we went! The walk was very nice and easy and before long we came to a broken tree; yoga time! I climbed up and scaled the tree, it was really hard to balance the pose, while balancing myself on the tree. I wanted to get lower and my muscles burned so much. I actually lost balance and scared Lynn pretty good, luckily I caught it and didn't fall and break my leg.  The day was overcast, and pretty chilly. Most of the day was hat and glove worthy, and rain jacket. The mileage was 10.1 and it was an easy terrain which was nice. Lynn and I stopped at the shelter for lunch and got cold just sitting after awhile. The end of the day brought our only real climb and even that wasn't bad. There was some nice rebar and the complaint was there was no view at the top. Climbing up was longer and more work than down, it was steep at first but before I knew it I was fording a creek and the parking lot was in sight. I walked up to find Earl, Puzzle, and Miss Janet with her van. We sat and talked with Miss Janet while she played stick with a dog and waited for Lynn. After taking off, Earl took us to the general store and I was craving junk. I bought donuts, Doritos, hot chocolate, and a Gatorade. As soon as I got in the car I devoured the Doritos. Earl even made a comment on how fast I ate the small bag, I was hungry! When we got back I still had a chill so I made my hot chocolate, and Lynn and I sat down for an afternoon movie. The hostel is full of manly war movies, so when I saw a movie with Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet; which was not Titanic, I jumped on it. We put in Revolutionary Road and started to watch. My hot chocolate was amazing, the movie was not. I can't believe these two great actors and actresses were in such a bad movie. It was so weird that it almost had me enveloped in it, I thought; it had to get good. It didn't. Lynn left about halfway through and I should have just turned it off, but the promise of it getting better kept me watching. It never did get better so oh well. After the movie Lynn and I had a Woodchuck cider that we got from the general store, they were not twist off and I killed my palm on trying to pop it open on the counter. One got the better of me, one I showed who was boss; then I saw the bottle opener hanging over the stove. Much easier. Roanan and Hungry Horse showed up and dinner tonight was salad, lasagna, corn, summer squash and zucchini mixture, and garlic bread. But my appetizer was a brownie. It was so good, I finished it off with a brownie. After dinner we watched Catch Me If You Can, might as well keep the Leo night going. At least I knew this was a good movie. About 3/4 the way through I grabbed a bag of ice and a chair and iced my knees, I fell asleep on and off until the end. I was too stubborn to get up and go to bed but when it was over I was so happy to go. It was a little chilly so I wore my jacket and fell asleep pretty quickly.

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