Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 160- New Trail Name; Shuttle Lady

Maybe I should buy a camper for the rest of the trip? I hate waking up at 7:00am on a zero for breakfast when I could sleep in. I turned off my 6:30 alarm, and then my 6:45. I headed into the house and I was the first one. I made a tea and other followed in. We sat down for breakfast and had a spread of blueberry pancakes, breakfast potatoes, Northern grits, fresh melon, sausage, biscuits with gravy, orange juice, and a banana. Most hikers were heading out today, well all but me; so I was on shuttle duty. My first shuttle left at 8am with Bud and Happy Hiker. I brought Bud back to where we left off yesterday, and brought Happy to South Arm. Happy and I had quite the interesting conversation, full of all kinds of trail drama and gossip. After they were out and on their way, I swung by the general store to pick up a can of Redds, a can of Shocktop, and two nips of Kahlua. Once I got back to the cabin and parked the car, Earl told me that there were too many hikers going to the far road on 17 to fit in the minivan, I took 3 with me and hopped back in the truck. We had at least a half hour to 45 minute drive to the trail. As we approached the drop off, I saw a familiar hiker with a lack of clothes; I rolled down the window and yelled "Yeti." I told him I would come back after dropping them off at the trail. I drove up to the parking area, got a quick photo of some of the gang with Marge and drove back down to where Yeti was. I pulled off the side of a curvy steep road and threw on the flashers. I jumped out and walked over to where he was. In short I asked what was going on, seems he was trying to get to Rangely tonight and Sunday they would be celebrating Senator's birthday. Guess we won't all be hiking as a group? He said he and Tumbles figured things out-whatever that meant. He gave me a brief hug and I had to catch up to Marge who had driven off. I don't really want to rant and rave on here since that is not what this is all about. But, do you ever replay conversations in your mind and wonder if they were real; or should I say, genuine? It seems a lot of people cater to others instead of just being true to themselves. I can't help but wonder what other's intensions are, at the same time; I ponder if it's worth my time. I couldn't help but think of the whole situation during the long drive back. Once I returned and parked once again, Earl told me two hikers were waiting at the corner store; I zipped over there and found out it was Freckles and Drag N Fly. They had just ordered lunch and I knew Earl was looking to go to the dump; I left them to eat and brought the truck back for Earl. After I got back, I made all the bunks with clean sheets and then went upstairs for left over spaghetti, corn on the cob, and two brownies for lunch. Old people are funny in the sense that they just talk about things in the open whether they are aware or not. Earl is 79 and Marge is 82 and they were in the other room while I ate in the kitchen and I heard them openly talk about me as the shuttle woman. Nothing bad was said of course, I just find it funny they were talking about me while I was in hearing range. After lunch I sat outside with Baltimore Jack and he told me all sorts of stories when he was running a hostel. He also was showing me a great campspot with a view of Katahdin I would like to zero at and enjoy. We sat outside for awhile and when Ladybug's parents came to get her and Bullseye, I moved inside to watch a movie and blog. I wanted something that I was interested in, I had seen before, and didn't really have to pay much attention to while blogging; The Way. I sat and ate two donuts; I know I'm a fat kid now, and washed it down with my Shocktop. A few of us just hung around relaxing until the party came. I was texting back and fourth with Nick and seems like he was on his way to the cabin, so exciting! Our last encounter was rather brief since it was just outside of Walmart so I was excited to hang out with him! Nick, Babs, and Poncho showed up and we caught up, then Miss Janet came in with an entourage of hikers; Lynn and Puzzle being two of them. I got up and hugged Lynn and after a little bit of a lot of commotion we took some vehicles to the Red Hen for all you can eat pizza night. I drove Alpine (Nick), Babs, and Poncho and when we got there we saw a whole lot of hikers. Some familiar like Chip, and Sassafrass, and a lot I had never met before. It was a small restaurant and we were taking over. I had a salad, and 3 cheese, 1 pepperoni, 1 BBQ chicken, 1 potato and bacon; yup 6 slices. The deal included a soda and a cookie, all for under $10! Hobb and Chickadee showed up and I was bummed they were staying at Pine Ellis, the place was full of hikers. We left and stopped by the general stores for a few things and back to the cabin we went. Baltimore Jack put on the Last of the Mohicans and as much as I wanted to be interested, it just didn't capture me. I sat and finished up today's blog and drank my not so coffee milkshake from the general store; damn coffee syrup in vanilla ice cream deal. Tomorrow we will be slackpacking the 10.1 miles to South Arm in Andover so that will be a fun easy day. And I believe the following two days we will be slacking as well into Rangely. Jack put in Saving Private Ryan but I must say, hostels need positive vibe movies not ones that the first half hour at least is just killing. I got bored rather quickly, and then hot since I think the pellet stove is on like 85, so I called it a night and headed out to my Into The Wild camper. Goodnight friends, breakfast comes early and so does some hiking.

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