Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 158- Hiking Alone, This Feels Odd

I woke up to much of the same vibes that I had gone to bed with. I knew the guys would be out this morning and I wouldn't be seeing them. I got up, packed up, and Yeti and I went through the food. I took only what I needed for the day and a half to get me to Andover and left him with plenty to fuel his 17 mile journey. Before I knew it they were off, I sat at the empty campsite for a little while waiting for Lynn but I just got saddened by the fact it was just me. I hiked on and planned to stop at the shelter and wait for her some more. The day was cool and overcast, with an occasional drizzle. The trail was rocky and full of roots making things tricky and slippery. Any view I would have had was a thick white fog. When I got to the shelter, I found it full of people. They would be zeroing there due to weather. I sat with them for a bit and they were quite the crowd. I did enjoy the incense though. After no sight of Lynn after an hour I decided to push on. I didn't want to hike in the rain anymore than anyone else. I would be hiking a long downhill into a gap and then back up. The downhill was wet and slick but I took my time. When I got close to the road I found an empty cooler, after was another one with some waters so I took one. At the parking area I found some baked treats from twirl's parents, don't mind if I do! I saw Deleware getting a ride into town and I asked if she had see Lynn, but there was no word of her. I hiked on a snowmobile trail for a few minutes before realizing this was wrong. I went back to the parking and asked where the North trail picked up, seems it was across the street. I hiked on and knew I only had a few miles left to complete my 9.3 mile day leaving tomorrow with 8 miles into town. The hike up was just like any other strenuous Southern Maine hike. When I got to the blue blazed trail for the lean to (what shelters are called in Maine) I took off my pack at a cleared, rooted campsite at the base of the trail. I ran up to the lean to only to find it was further than .1 and no good camping. I was right with leaving my pack down below. I set up as it started to drizzle and got inside. I was so hungry so I ate some snacks to hold me over for dinner, it was only about 4:00 or so. I sat and relaxed in my tent letting things dy out. I wrote in my journal, and then decided to boil up some tea and dinner. It was a relaxing night I only wished Lynn would stroll in and set up camp to give me peace of mind. I got in my sleeping bag at 7:00 and wrote some blogposts to publish later in town. I closed my eyes no later than 8:30. It is so weird how dark it gets, so early now!

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