Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 154- A Sunset For One

Getting back on the trail was okay, the getting up at 7:00, and leaving at 7:30 wasn't, at least we had a ride. Tumbles and Senator left at 7:00 to slack pack the 21 miles, the rest of us would be taking two days to complete it. Lee Bob the section hiker had his shuttle driver friend bring us. Seems Lynn had to kind of yogi her way into that one and twist his arm a little. We got to the trail and she wanted to get a little something for breakfast in the AMC lodge. Before we knew it, we were climbing a very, very steep up. I was sweating bullets and it was hard work, but I didn't mind. This was the first day in I can't even remember how long, that I wasn't exhausted from the start. We climbed up the Wildcat Ridge with the mountains we had climbed before behind us. At the top of the first Wildcat peak was a gondola, Ireland was tempted to take a ride; too bad they would only let you ride up and down, not down and up. Stupid. It was a gorgeous day out and that called for some yoga of course. Not before I did some tricks on a snowboard bench however. After eating a snack we carried on, there would be a few more Wildcat peaks before we were done; but the worst of the climb was over. Sitting at one viewpoint for lunch I was asked, "where did you come from?" Georgia, I said. I just love giving that answer! I was in my prime hiking state and loving life, it's so much easier when you don't feel exhausted. We had a pretty steep downhill before reaching a pond and the off trail to the hut. Lynn went to the but for some soup with Atlas, Shay, and Puzzle. I had no interest when I could enjoy this beautiful pond instead. I lay on a giant boulder above the water and watched the clouds as they passed by. The sun shone on me, but the wind was still chilly. I enjoyed myselfimmensely in this little oasis until Lynn returned. I was in the lead all day, the plan was to camp at one of the mountain views for the sunset. I hadn't seen Yetti or Breaktime all day and that was unusual. I knew they had left after us sometime, I just hoped they had left! They knew our plan would be a stealth at either a mountain 8 miles away or 10 miles depending how we felt. I hiked on and didn't know which peak I was on; I knew if I went to the last one there would be an intersecting trail, and I would know where I was. That last peak was my goal, I got to what I thought was the second to last peak and sat to wait for Lynn. I hadn't seen her in awhile but she couldn't be too far back. I took off my pack and ran down the trail North to see if there was any better spots, nothing. The slab of rock I was on was decent and could probably fit us all. When I returned she still wasn't there, I ran up the trail South quite a ways but nothing. Guess I wouldn't push on to the last peak and this will be home for the night. I was nearly out of water since the map showed a spring halfway up that wasn't there. I did however pack out a big can of Redds. I used the last of my .5L of water for dinner and cracked open my apple ale. The sunset was gorgeous, it was like the mountains were on fire with deep red eyes. I only wished I had someone to share it with; Yetti, Lynn, anyone! A Southbounder passed and told me Lynn had stopped a couple miles back and set up her tent. Another passed and relayed the same message. Looks like I'd be alone tonight, wishfully hoping the boys would show up. I downed my Redds and went to bed.

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