Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day 153- Low Key, Mellow Zero

I woke up and looked at my phone, it was 9:00 and I had 2 texts from James, crap! The plan was to leave his car at Pickham Notch since we would be hiking out, but our plans changed. His texts were from 7:30am and they said they would be there earlier than expected. We got up, got dressed, and headed out the door. When we got to the notch they were sitting there waiting, we loaded up and James insisted I drove. I played chauffeur one last time and headed to the diner for breakfast. We sat the 4 of us and then Chip, Yetti, and Tumbles came over. We chatted for a bit and then they asked if they could borrow the Jeep to go to Walmart. I got a taco omelette with a bagel and it was amazing. We sat and talked for awhile before the car was returned and we headed back to the motel. We booked another night in our room and James and Aaron left for home. Thanks again James! Lynn wanted to walk down to the antique shop so I sat in bed and blogged. Not long after Yetti came to the door and asked if Tumbles was in here, nope. Seems his room door was locked and he didn't have a key, I let him use our bathroom. We headed to the pool area after and I sat on the edge of the hot tub with my feet in blogging. Yetti was out front sitting and he called me over. We sat all afternoon talking. We talked through lunch, we talked through other people around us, we talked through the rain. And then it got cold so we joined Triple P and another couple in the hot tub. This was the first time I went all in and it actually wasn't all that hot. Tumbles joined us and soon after Breaktime. Tumbles figured out how to override the temperature control and turned it up. Lynn went back to the room, Breaktime went back, and the couple left. Soon a couple from Canada joined us and then we all decided to shower and get ready for dinner. We walked over to the Italian place we went for lunch the day before and sat for dinner. I got cheese tortellini with meatball and glass of Senator's wine again. We were all full and in a lazy mood as we waddled back to the motel. We threw our wet clothes from the hot tub in the dryer and I headed over to the guys room for Avatar movie night (though it was halfway through.) And then we moved on to a classic, Forrest Gump. Tomorrow the weather looks good and we will need it since we have the Wildcat mountain range. Not the easiest section, however that puts us basically out of the Whites and on to Maine, the last state!

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