Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 149- Sometimes You Just Need A Nero In The Woods

It was known it was going to storm today but after last night I couldn't help just laying in my sleeping bag. I had yet another restless night last night. After staying at Dan's, I thought my gastriological problem was over; I was wrong. I woke up last night and being up on rock made things a little difficult. I ended up walking down passed Lynn's tent, but not quite as far as where Yetti's hammock was. I sat down there on rock for a few hours before being able to return up to my tent. The positive outlook on the matter was I got to enjoy the stars that much more, and all the lights from the little towns below. I sat and played solitaire, listened to music, and watched the sky. The guys were rather noisy this morning even with headphones in. Note to self, don't camp where the intended eating spot is. I was poked and bothered until I was willing to get up. I knew with the weather and this ongoing problem I've been having, I've been pushing my body too much and it was time to slow it down. I wouldn't be making too many miles today. I went down to my bathroom area and saw Lynn all packed up, great. I let her know the situation I was in and that I wouldn't been doing 10 miles today. I went up and packed up, and off we went. I felt like I could barely keep my eyes open, but I just kept walking. We got to the hut and I got some water and had some snacks. Lynn got two bowls of potato dill soup and I decided to make some Ramen. I are the soup and went outside to lay on the bench. I felt like I could just fall asleep any minute. I pondered whether I should rest here a bit to hike on more after, or get up and hike so I can end sooner. The weather was forecast to be bad so I got up and hiked on. Again, the terrain was tough with my pack weight and the lack of energy to put into it. We were working towards a 2 mile hopefully stealth spot at a view, and then I thought; it's probably not the best idea to be at a view for a storm. We walked a little and found a stealth, but I said let's keep looking. I knew the less miles we do today, the more we have into town for tomorrow. It was a catch 22, I didn't want to hike a lot today so I could rest my body, but knew I couldn't do 14 miles in the Whites. We went a little further and found a good stealth spot that was in the woods, but had a little outcropping to a view. I think we only ended up doing 3.7 miles today but it took up a good part of the day (before the Whites that would have only taken 2 hours.) We set up camp, and I crawled in my tent with the rainfly off to let it dry out a bit. At this time the sun was shining and so I laid down and fell asleep, until about 7:30-we got there around 3:30. I woke up to make dinner and appologized to Lynn for not being good company; seems she fell asleep as well. Guess we both needed the rest. We stayed up for a bit, ate, and I put my rainfly on. Before I knew it, it was almost 9:30 when I decided to stop playing solitaire and go to bed, and from there I slept through the night. With the exception of waking up to stake down the backside of my rainfly again, it was a pretty gnarly storm and it was flapping against my back as I slept. 

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