Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 146- Semi-Slacking Kinsman, I Feel Like An Overnighter

So I am not sure if it was the kielbasa or what, but I was up all night. What is wrong with me lately? Bathroom, solitaire, fire pit, repeat. The worst part was one of the caretakers had a bunch of friends over and they were up drinking in one of the carports near my tent. Eventually I was able to fall asleep again for the night and I was thankful for that, but the morning came quickly. We would be hiking out today and my stomach was really scaring me with being out in the woods. Luckily it was just an overnight so out packs were not as light as a slack, but a lot lighter than being full. Spits was driving our extra stuff to Chet's for the following day. The night before I had signed up for breakfast but didn't have much of an appetite, most expensive pancake I've ever boughten! We stopped by the gas station and I picked up a Powerade and Gingerale. The day was hot and the climb to, and up Kinsman was tough. We sat at one of the shelters for lunch and I made a string cheese and tortilla sandwich. I didn't want to overdue anything. I already wasn't feeling 100% and the boulders were a challenge. I didn't have much of an appetite and was trying to stay hydrated. New Hampshire has stayed true to being very, very, difficult. Sometimes I look at the trail ahead and laugh, really? This is what you want me to climb? At times it is just a waste of time to think this since either way it's got to be done. Hand over foot you are climbing up rock, and down rock. A group with a pregnant woman showed up and I couldn't believe they were making her hike this! I finally neared the top to fine Lynn sitting there waiting. Tonight we would be stealthing up here, and we had to just wait out the sun before setting up. We sat up in the wind with our jackets bundled up around us until we hiked a little further up the trail to some flat spots. I carried out a roast beef sandwich from the gas station deli and decided I really needed to get some food in me. Sassafras showed up and he decided to camp with us so I set up my tent and they cowboy camped (just sleeping pad and sleeping bag under the stars.) We watched the sunset, ate dinner, and then crawled into our beds for the night. The unnerving part of this stealth was there was rock, and more rock. No woods bathroom.

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