Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 145- Slack Packing Moosilauke

Last night there was a lot of commotion around 5am since a dog got sprayed by a skunk, then I heard the skunk run right between my tent and Atlas's. It smelled so bad and I really hoped it didn't spray my tent. Breakfast was cancelled since there wasn't a minimum of 4 people, so I set my alarm for 7:30. After waking up the second time, I opened up my re-supply box. Mom had sent all kinds of good stuff, and I haven't seen this food baby in quite some time; mom come carry it for me? We would be slack packing Mount Moosilauke today and I was so excited for that. Spits drove us to the trailhead and we hiked it Southbound so the climb would be easier on our knees. The uphill was quite intense and I was thankful to have a batman backpack instead of the 'ol Blue Bitch. We stopped at the first shelter and quickly it got chilly. The good news was the majority of the climb was over. We hiked above tree line for practically the first time and it was breathtaking. I have been up in the Whites before so I knew what to expect, but nothing beats it. You are walking on a rock path with a 360 view. The rocks are hard to walk on for sure but you are so excited it barely matters. Once we got to the top, I enjoyed my half of a grinder (yes, I am from the Northeast we say grinder) not hoggie, sub, sandwich, hero, or wait for this one-Italian. Who calls a non-Italian sandwich an Italian?! Unheard of. The crew was Puzzle, Atlas, Shay, Bullseye, Ladybug, Lynn and I. It got really chilly up there while we hung out, jacket and hat worthy. Once we decided to head down, it warmed up rather quickly. The walk through the tree line was extremely flat and all dirt it was amazing. Going down wasn't terrible which is always a plus and then we had a little of a road walk to a dirt road, then back into the woods. The last woods part seemed to last forever, at least it was easy. Before I knew it we were back on the main road of the hostel and walking back for the night. It was around 4:00 so we had plenty of time to hang out. Honestly it doesn't get better than left over pizza, beer, tunes, and a hammock. I relaxed the afternoon away. That night I got keilbasa and a red pepper from the gas station to bring back and cook on the grill. Some of the hikers were watching a movie and I pondered how I would cook everything. Turns out the grill was a process; you had to light a piece of paper with a match and throw in with the gas on-this sounded like a disaster. Spits wouldnt do it for me so I went inside to ask and before I came back out he had manned up and lit it for me. I cooked the kielbasa and pepper right on the grates and split it with Lynn. We started watching a movie and then I called it a night around 9:30 and retreated back to my tent.

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