Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 141- A Whole Lot Of Nothing, But With The Cutest Little Girl

Today's alarm was a cute little one year old but I was not ready to get up yet. Shortly after though, I came downstairs to make a bagel and eat a banana. I never ended up eating the banana however since Hunter wanted the whole thing. After breakfast, mom needed to do so errands so I took Hunter to REI with me to get new base layer pants and a new pack rain cover. My Osprey rain cover has a small hole in it, and the snap got all rusty and was near impossible to open and close. Wouldn't you think they would make it out of a non-rusting metal? The base layer pants had a run in the butt and needed to be replaced. I have found that REI in West Hartford is very un-helpful. I used to prefer REI to EMS but since EMS was re-done and REI employees are no help whatsoever, I prefer EMS. The unfortunate thing was I had bought most of my gear from REI. The woman at the front desk basically go told me to go find the stuff even though I had a baby with me and didn't want to be browsing all around, and when I went over to the pack department the man there was even less helpful. I went back up front and asked her to check the computer so I wasn't looking for a needle in a haystack. Seems it showed they had two pairs of the pants, and one pack cover. Chances are the pack cover was sold, luckily I found the two pairs of pants one was XL and the other S, I wasn't sure if my old ones were S or XS so I asked her down at the front desk and she said S. Ok, so 50/50 I got my pants but no pack cover. I waited for about 20 minutes while she looked and called other stores but we ended up just ordering it online to be sent to my house. I hope it doesn't rain in the next couple days! Hunter fell asleep in the car, when we got home I carried her up to her bed for a nap. I then started to blog, and boy did I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. Mom came home and fell asleep on the couch for a bit, I had some veggies and hummus, and chips and avocado for lunch and then Hunter was up. It's funny how fast the days go by, granted I did play with her a lot but here I am still up at 9:00 blogging when I had all day. I tried to figure out a tentative schedule for the next like 13 days on the trail and I thought I had it figured out pretty well until Lynn said SoBos were saying 8-10 miles a day in the Whites. I like how I had figured out the schedule and don't have the time to go and change it now, hopefully I can get to my first maildrop I have figured out, and from there figure out a new schedule to send my mom. Tentative planning is quite hard when you don't know what to expect. Mom got my food ready while I blogged and then before I knew it, it was dinner time. Felix picked up sandwiches from D'Angelo's on his way home and I've been glued to my computer ever since. I haven't even had the chance to take many photos today, so far just the one of Hunter playing next to me while I try to blog. She went to the doctors today and got 4 shots, two in each arm so she was quite cranky coming home and only wanted to sit and play with me, oh and my laptop keyboard. I have to go pack up my food, pack up my bag, fill my water, and get some sleep since Papa is picking me up at 6:00am tomorrow morning! This is the last time I will come home before the end of the trip, getting up 3 hours early to drive to the trail is quite a long way! Hopefully Mom, Felix, and Hunter will come visit me up north, I would love for my Nana and Papa to come slack pack me again too but I don't think I can talk him into that again. Two states left, the hardest of the whole trip. I am hoping to be finished the end of September, but it might be first week or so of October; only time will tell. Oh, Garnet went home; seems she didn't feel any better after 6 days off the trail so she ended up going home Lynn said. Nick, Barticus, Scout, Johnny Walker; they will all be catching up to me soon, and then surpassing! Goodnight All!

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