Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 139- Zero At The Beach

Robin wanted to leave at 7:30 this morning so I set my alarm for 7:00 but I was up before it had the chance to go off. I got ready, packed my lunch, and off I went to pick her up. Mike took the bike and her and I went in my car. I followed him and we had to stop a million times for him he's worse than a woman! We finally got to the beach and there wasn't a lot of people there which was great. The day was partly cloudy so maybe people decided against a beach day which was fine with me. Ryan and Rizzo were going to Misquamicut and I told them to come to Watch Hill but they wouldn't. Not even to see TSwift! We set up right on the edge by the private beach and we had it made; beers, lunch, snacks, music, and a nice day. I put on 40 spf on my body since it hasn't seen real sun all summer, and 50 on my face. I went in the water briefly and it was cold at first, but then wasn't too bad. Later in the afternoon it got cloudy and perfect for napping weather. Apparently I fell asleep gripping my beer, and then all three of us fell asleep until almost 4:30. Mike was upset since his dog was at home so we left and rushed home and I dropped off Robin before heading home. Mom and Felix ordered sushi for when I got home so I a rainbow roll, dumplings, sweet potato roll, and edamame-yum! I went to take a shower and noticed I got quite burnt! This better fade before having to put pack straps around my waist. The wonderful day ended by falling asleep with my favorite little baby. I finally made it to the beach this summer!

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