Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 138- The Yellow Deli Is My New Home, Zero Day Then Back To My Real Home

Originally we would hike today to my mom who would be picking me up around 3:00, the rain yesterday put us in a motel for the night and the continued rain today called for a zero. We decided after breakfast we would take the bus back to Rutland to hang out at the deli and so Lynn could spend the night at the hostel there. Lynn was moving all around this morning at 5:30 and then she got up, came back and continued to move all around. I couldn't fall back asleep, she sat up and I asked if she was ok? She said no her knees were bothering her that she was going to take a bath. I tried to fall back asleep but it wasn't until like 7:30 before I dozed off and then was awoken at 8:30 for breakfast. This place serves breakfast from 7:30-9:30 only, I would hate to have to get up that early on vacation! We headed over and it was a busy time for breakfast, everyone was in there. We waited about 10 minutes before sitting and then Lynn and I decided to share; I got the mushroom and cheese omelet and she got the blueberry pancakes and we split. Everything was really good. In both the dining room, and the pub, is this exposed rock boulder which is pretty cool. After breakfast we sat with Mailman, Puzzle, No Rush, and Engineer for a bit to talk and then we went to pack up and catch the 10:21 bus into Rutland. Puzzle came in with us and what a surprise to see Seabiscuit on the bus when we got on! Back at the Yellow Deli and Hiker Hostel, we went upstairs to drop off our packs at the hostel and Lynn got a little tour, and then we went into a children's clothes and toy store next door so I could get some presents for Hunter's first birthday this weekend. I ended up getting her three outfits, a floppy stuffed animal/blanket giraffe, a lullaby book/CD, and the elf on the shelf birthday book and costume. Get me out of here before I buy everything! After, we went in the deli so I could get a green drink and Lynn got fruit parfait. We hid from the rain for a bit but then decided to walk a few blocks to the art gallery that we saw the other day while here, but it was closed. We looked around, but nothing too impressive. On the way back we walked into a gallery store and they had more interesting pieces than the gallery. We went back to the deli and got lunch with Mailman and No Rush, I got roast beef and provolone on pumpernickel with cucumber, avocado, lettuce and sprouts with a side of raw veggies in a vinaigrette it was amazing. As I was paying my bill my mom pulled up, I ran upstairs got my pack and presents and said my goodbyes. We brought Lynn to the grocery store to re-supply and headed the 3 hours back home to Connecticut. I would have loved to fall asleep on the way home, but mom was tired and needed company and Miss Hunter was up the whole time needing my attention. It was a long car ride but she was so good. When we got home she went in for a nap, mom went to get stuff at the party store, and I went to the grocery store to get snacks and lunch for the beach tomorrow with Robin! I got sandwich stuff, Redds, hummus, veggies, spicy blue corn chips, an avocado, and buffalo pretzel pieces. When I got home, I wrapped Hunter's presents and went up to shower and sleep in my lovely bed.

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