Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 130- It's Like A Snowball Effect

So, I woke up to a text saying Lynn and Garnet were sick all night that if I wanted to hike out, they would get a hotel. I don't think it would have been the best idea to drive 2 hours in a car so luckily we were still at my house. Looks like the trail will still be waiting for us. I texted Papa and then meditated. I watched 13 short video clips that Rocky had posted in Maine, and also read a post that he was now home for good. The quintessential Appalachian Trail being out there is Rocky. I am saddened to see him go, and the fact that I didn't get to see him again more recently, but knew he was missing Patty quite a bit even back in the South. I wish him all the luck with either finishing one day, or being humbled by the experience. I know I was by meeting him. It goes to show, even the daily slack packers, with two vehicles, and anything within a drives reach; still wears away at the thru-hiker. This morning I polished off the last of the bagels with two fried eggs and half an avocado again. I sat out on the front porch and it was so hot in the sun; I made a tea that if I want to drink it anytime soon, it will have to be on the back porch. This time off ended up being as much as I took off last time I was home for a few days, and as much as I'll be taking next weekend for Hunter's first birthday. I wish I had something more fun planned than being sick, and then having two others sick! I had to reconfigure my next week in the woods since having all of these days off. Originally I was going to get picked up just passed the New Hampshire border on Thursday for her actual birthday-then I got sick. Next plan was to get picked up that Friday-then severe thunderstorms. Guess I'll have to get picked up Saturday, then they got sick-which leads me to getting picked up Sunday, the day of her party. Nope. Got out my map and looked over the parking areas and mileage we were doing. I found a parking area at VT 12 that I can be picked up on Friday at, and hopefully if the weather is good; go to the beach for the first time this summer on Saturday! I have thought a lot on the trail; about what comes next after the trail for me. I have every component known for what I want in my life, I just have to figure out in what order, and what's next. Every day passes by, and then it's gone. You can't think a day is wasted because all you did was sit home, eat, read, and relax; because maybe your body needed that to continue on. Everything happens for a reason and if I am meant to make it to Katahdin I will. Until then; I enjoyed my Z-lite mat out front, a book, and my tea. You can take the hiker out of the woods, but you can't take the woods out of the hiker; it's such a gorgeous day and if the dogs were home I would totally take them for a walk. I laid out back for awhile and Lynn came out from hiding in the sick shack. Seems she was feeling better but still had a headache. I warmed up the left over pieces of pizza from last night and enjoyed that for lunch. After Garnet got up, I went out front since the back got too hot and read some more. If there is one thing I am not short on, it's eating. I snacked on some mango and a banana and then ended up making a hotdog. As if that wasn't enough, I had a small bag of Doritos. I decided I was efficient enough reading all day so I could now waste away on the couch watching Sex In The City. The rest of the night went as follows; Sex In The City marathon, mom made chicken tortellini soup, and then some Alaska The Last Frontier before calling it quits. No seriously, the woods are calling; and I must go...tomorrow.

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