Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 129-Another Day Postponed

So the alarm was set for 6:30, a pickup time of 7:30; and it was raining. I laid and meditated for a bit, got dressed, and laid some more. Mom came in and asked if we were going-as far as I know? She said she hasn't heard anyone up downstairs and usually does by now, maybe I should make sure. I looked at the weather, horrible; screenshot it to Lynn and asked if we were still going. No response. I got a text from Papa about coffees so I went downstairs, peered in their room but no movement. I opened the door slowly and Lynn sprung up in bed, seems they were still sleeping. I asked if she had got my text, and that it was 7:10, are we still going? Her response being "I heard it go off." She looked at the photo of the weather for Bennington, turned to Garnet Turtle and asked the consensus. She asked if it would be a problem with my family, I said to stay here not at all; I will have to ask my Papa if he can still bring us tomorrow but I don't see it being an issue. Final decision, why start your week wet and miserable and why spend money on a hotel when we can stay here? I called Papa and he said he agrees with our decision the weather is supposed to be bad and it's no problem to bring us tomorrow. I thanked him and went back upstairs. On the trail during rain and or thunderstorms; I look forward to the day where I can sit warm and dry inside a house, reading a book, and drinking tea, while watching the rain outside. Today can be that day. I was the first to make breakfast today since yesterday I was barely up at the lunch hour. An everything bagel with two fried eggs and avocado was amazing minus the first bite of projectile yolk on my pants. There should be a disclaimer: caution, under pressure. We watched Guilt Trip which was pretty funny and I made a killer sandwich along with cucumber infused water for lunch-yum! Today was the relaxing day that I wanted; I ate, meditated, drank tea, read, and downloaded more music to my iPod. I sat and read while the older generation played on their cell phones...priorities these days. Later, Lynn and I went to the grocery store so she could get stuff to make dinner tonight for us; chicken and feta flatbread. It was super easy, and really good! We watched part of The Heat (love that movie) while giving Hunter her bottle, and falling asleep in me. Next stop tomorrow; Bennington, Vermont. We're back Appalachian Trail: Vermud, be ready!

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