Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 127- Zero At Home...Again!

Last night I couldn't keep my eyes open to finish blogging, so I decided to go to bed somewhere between 11:00 and 11:30 when I got off my phone. I knew this morning I wanted to try to get in some writing and breakfast before my 10:00 massage appointment. I woke up before my alarm which was set for 8:30 and wrote a little and then headed downstairs. The dogs were out but no one was in sight. I took my laptop to the back porch to find my mom sitting out there, seems she didn't feel too well so we sat together. Felix finally got up around 9:00 and went to Between Rounds for bagels! This time remembering my beloved everything bagel. I fried up some eggs for Lynn, Felix, and myself and by the time they were done he was back with the bagels. Breakfast was off to a good start. Not much later, Lynn and I headed for our massages. My body is a mess and I felt every knot in the process. Even when the pressure hurts, I know it is good for my muscles to be worked out. After we were headed to Pho 501 but I remembered they are closed on Mondays so we went to Pho 99. I'm not sure if they mistaken me for someone else, or were just overly excited to see me but it was quite the welcome. We ordered and watched a short clip on them being featured on the news, they were quite excited about the publicity. The owner then came out and shook my hand to tell me the history of restaurant ownerships. How exciting, we got our beef soup to go and headed back home. Mom had done our laundry and everything smelled so fresh and so clean. We sat and ate the Vietnamese soup while she tried to get some work done. I made sure to text Shane a photo since I know it is one of his favorites! He then sent me a photo of instant mac and cheese...looks like my lunch every other day on the trail-feel bad for him! I sat for the afternoon to catch up on the blog and then mom and Lynn went to the grocery store and came back with an oreo Rita milkshake for me, so good. It was a pretty low key day, other than the two hour massage, which took up a block of time. Well worth it. Last week one of my olive oil packets exploded in my food bag leaving everything with an oiling film. Now I got to clean that all up, I took out everything and washed the ziplocks that were sealed. Some had a hole and when I washed them, the water seeped through. I portioned out breakfasts, lunch, and dinner for the next week and a half after tentatively scheduling out next week and beyond, It's been some time since I haven't seen my family every weekend, but this coming weekend I will not be coming home; and they won't be visiting in Vermont. I figured since my cousin Garrett wanted to hike with me during the weekend, and the following Thursday is Hunter's first birthday, I could rough it until then. I hope we work something out with Garrett that he can come and hike because that would be cool to have someone from home out there too. Hopefully at work tomorrow he can download the AWOL guide that we use so we can plan better. Right now it is set that we start hiking again tomorrow, get a mail drop on Thursday, and another the following Monday. Lynn went to the train station to pick up a woman she had been hiking with when we were apart named Garnet Turtle. Her train was delayed so she had to wait a bit. Jillian also came after work for dinner so while we caught up and I prepared my food for the next week or so, I put her on music downloading duty. She wrote some lovely write up about her visit, but somehow it got deleted? Maybe the baby hit delete or something who knows. She did end up downloading around 65 songs for me though which was a big help! Mom made dirty risotto for dinner, one of my favorites; and obviously requested by me and I snapped a photo of us-big surprise. It was a great dinner, and as much as I don't have to scramble as much as prior weekends; I still feel deprived on time. I am about to wrap up this post for the night, write in my guide pages where we will tentatively stay each night, shower, and retire for the last night in my bed for 10 days! It's really not that long I suppose, but then I will be home for a few days for her birthday festivities. If Jillian can't get me in New Hampshire on August 21, can any of you?

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