Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 126- After 7 Days With No Shower, I Think It Is Time!

I slept pretty well last night and Tumbles didn't rustle around in his sleeping bag which was a plus. Yeti was the first up I could hear him peeing from his hammock, lucky him. Next was Tumbles and they started a morning fire. I put on my earphones for some morning music while I got my breakfast ready and then joined them. Yeti and I shared my earphones and we listened to some Beatles while they made coffee. I feel more like I am on a camping trip with them and I am enjoying it. Having no service made it difficult to let my mom know when to head out to get us, we were 2 hours from home and I sent out a text saying if we leave camp by 8:00 we should get there before 12:00 since it was only 7.4 miles. Well, it was 8:18 so that wasn't happening, we finally left a little before 9:00 and when I got the chance I sent out a text to let her know. It was all downhill so we would still get there around 12:30 if we didn't stop for anything. We trudged through and around the mud, up and down hills, and next to swamps. The weather this week has been pretty perfect with a few exceptions. We walked along a river for awhile which photos never do justice for, it was so pretty with all of the pebbles and rocks. The guys were way ahead and I had told them they could take my fuel since I had two back at home, or we could drive them into town if they wanted. Once the downhill began it was a lot of rock steps down to VT9 where we would be picked up. After finally reaching flat ground, we crossed the busy highway to the parking lot to find a bunch of cars but no Jeep. I saw the guys all sitting in the back of the lot so I tried to text my mom with horrible service I told her I was here. I got a response that she was here...funny, we're both "here" but not here. I tried to call her but the service wouldn't let a call go through. I looked on the road to see if there was any markers or landmarks, not really. I found a man standing by his car so I asked to use his cell phone, the call went through but our conversation kept breaking up. All she would ask was "do you see any businesses?" No, I don't see any businesses there is nothing around. We were going in circles and I ended up loosing the call anyways. I ended up texting her the best I could but still not sure how she would find us. Seems there were all kinds of parking areas along this road. I went by the road to stand and get a better signal when the Jeep pulled in! Thank god. We went around back and seems the guys were looking to get a ride into town after all since Break Time wasn't feeling well and wasn't sure if he had lyme. Break Time bought my fuel off of me and we put all of the packs in the back except for Yeti's. Tumbles sat in back with the packs, Break Time up front holding Yeti's pack, Yeti in the back with me on Lynn's lap next to Hunter in the carseat; we were a full house. We dropped the guys in town at another church to stay at and we headed to a restaurant for lunch, though driving by we noticed it went out of business. Next we put in the address of another one I found online and it looked like they were only open for dinner, can't win! We finally found Kevin's to eat at and although we had to wait awhile to sit down, the food was great. I got a roast beef, mozzarella, and garlic break hero with a side of thousand island dressing and sweet potato fries and it was to die for, oh and a Sam Summer. Mom laughs at the beer photos I have since I never used to drink beer, and I still don't really just select ones and can't tolerate more than one at a time. The taste is slowly acquiring. I so badly wanted to take my Long Trail glass that said "take a hike" but I didn't! I am so happy to be in Vermont, I love this state (minus the lack of cell phone service) everything is so cute. There were tons of painted moose and cougars that we stopped to take a photo with one of the moose, and then I of course had to take a photo with the worlds largest ladderback chair that had a sign "no climbing on." We ended up seeing Yeti and Tumbles on the street as we were leaving town so we yelled out the window and then started our over 2 hour drive home. I was pretty tired but never ended up falling asleep. When we got home, I jumped in for a long shower of course and mom and Felix got ready to go out to dinner for their anniversary while I watched Hunter. She has a cold so she was a little cranky here and there but overall wasn't bad. We went outside, played in the family room, and up in her room. She really keeps you busy now that she is mobile and walking! She was getting tired and it was getting late so I decided to give her a bath. We were playing in there for awhile and I could tell she was nearing the end of play time so I did her hair, which she hates. As I tried to diaper her, and put cream and clothes on all she wanted to do was suck her thumb and lay down; this wasn't working. I had her half dressed when mom walked in and while she finished putting her pants on I got her bottle ready. Next thing I know (after cleaning up her toys in the bath) her bottle is gone and she is sound asleep. I made a tea, half of a bagel, and headed up to blog in bed. After writing about 2 posts, I realized how tired I was and went to bed myself. Tomorrow I have a massage at 10:00 so hopefully I can get them all done after that! 

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