Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 118- 6 Miles Until A Zero

My initial wake up was too early so I went to the bathroom and went back to bed, when I started to get closer to waking up I thought to myself, "it must be close to 9:00 it feels so late." I asked Lynn was time it was since she was on her phone and she said 7:00, crazy. We played lazy hiker since we knew we had a short 6 miles to hike, by 3:00. We went down for breakfast which was blueberry pancakes, watermelon, and cereals and yogurt were out if you wanted them. I had 3 blueberry pancakes and 2 pieces of watermelon. I loved how her house was decorated, she lived in New Mexico at one point and I could see a lot of that in her home. Everything was very colorful and ethnic. Jess actually used to live in Connecticut and currently still works at a community college in the summer. We took our time, got ready, and waited since we would be the second drop off after the couple. The good news was, we had 6 miles to walk in like 5 hours and it was all flat! We decided to have a little cliche photoshoot because we had the time. The Mosquitos were horrible and I bathed in the remaining bug spray that Lynn had left. It was such an enjoyable day and I wish every day could be like this...which means I would finish in October 2020. We stopped for a snack in the woods and I ate my last tortilla with peanut butter and put dried ramen inside. The flowers were gorgeous along the boardwalk which reminded me so much of New Jersey. We got a little lost down a road where the blazes seemed to continue on, but they must have been old because they soon disappeared. We wondered down, tried to ask a house but they didn't answer so we decided to turn back to the monument and see where we could have went wrong. Seems it went behind the monument beside the cornfields. We had plenty of time so stopped at a garden center on the road to kill some time. They had so many beautiful exotic plants and some cool things inside. I found a book that I was going to buy until I looked at the price and it said $70.00, I looked it up online and it was $24.99...Amazon Prime here I come! We came across Teabag dancing along the road trying to hitch so we came up and painted his nail and imagine that he got a ride! Can't say I'd pick up a frolicking dancing hiker. The Housatonic was flooded so there was a road re-route. Lynn's toes were killing her so she was speed walking and I took my time with a sectioner to talk. He is out just to do Massachusetts and is a doctor. The road walk was easy and boring and the conclusion to our day of hiking. We sat roadside under a tree and had an hour wait for mom. Lynn was so happy to get her shoes off and we just sat and hung out. When the Jeep pulled up; Mom, Felix, and Hunter were here! We loaded up and headed to Great Barrington for lunch. The Gypsy Joynt was such an adorable little place I loved it. It was so hard to decide on what I wanted that mom and I ended up getting two things to share. We got a Mediterranean pizza with spinach, artichoke, tomato, and garlic it was amazing and we also shared a Muffaletta sandwich-also great! We had an hour and 30-45 minute drive home and I fell asleep for part of it. When we got home I checked out my new sneakers, it's crazy how quick they wear down. Nana and Papa came over for a little and Papa brought me new inserts for my shoes. Trying to figure out next week, I calculated out 667.3 miles left to Katahdin! I get to sleep in tomorrow!

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