Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 117- Things Don't Always Go As Planned

I have been waking up earlier than my 6:00, and 6:30 alarms; but not wanting to get up. I wake up, turn them off so I don't have to listen to them, and then decide to get up at quarter to seven. I am turning lazy with Lynn around for some reason! It was nice to have fresh blueberries with breakfast though, if only we had some pancake mix! The descent down Bear Mountain was a tough one, but not as tough as going down the way we came up! Once we got down we were officially in Massachusetts! Though Bear Mountain is the highest mountain in Connecticut, the peak is actually in Massachusetts so technically we slept in MA last night. Whoever made the sticks of MA/CT must have been from Connecticut since the size comparison was about 3::1 in favor of CT. Another state down, 4 more to go. We walked along the brook and waterfalls for awhile and it was so pretty, the terrain wasn't flat but it was still nice. We then reached an official wood MA/CT sign and a river crossing. We would have 3 mountains to climb today, one being Mount Everett. On the way up the first one we sat at a view for a snack and then walked along the ridge line for .6 of views. The day was humid and overcast so I was on a mission to find water. We ran into T-Bird who I had seen a couple weeks back and she was always going South as I headed North. We stood and talked with her for awhile and she got a painted nail and Lynn and her exchanged phone numbers. We heard between this mountain and Everett there was no water which was not a good thing since I needed water to cook my lunch, and water to climb. As it turned out, they were wrong and we stopped at a water source to eat and fill up. It was a pretty area and the mosquitos weren't as bad which was surprising since we were right near water. The climb up Everett was rocky and hot, it seemed like we would never see the top. Lynn went ahead and it seemed like she ran in disappearance. I saw her sitting next to some rocks and knew we were at the top. This too was disappointing since all that was left of the tower was the four concrete bases. My shirt was soaked so I sat for a little with my shirt halfway up to dry off my back. Marathon talked with us for a few and then we decided to head on down since we were supposed to go to the moon in the pond farm in Sheffield, MA tonight. My mom called yesterday and no one answered so she left a message, but no one called back. Today she tried again, same thing. I didn't have good service so I couldn't try to call them but when I did, I would. Luckily the descent down was a lot easier than it looked on the elevation map. It looked like it was going to be hell and straight down, somehow it wasn't. I met Lynn and Marathon at a picnic area with Trail Magic water and sodas. We sat for a bit and I tried to call the farm but no answer. We met Flint and Gunpowder and Lynn painted their nails, as well as Marathon's. We had one more mountain to climb and descend before it flattened out, and then we would be going to the farm. I was so excited about this farm, you tented at it; but it was an organic farm school that in exchange for farm work, you could stay there and got organic meals. I was really bumming that we couldn't get ahold of them. I called and left a message and still no return call. We climbed and after calling and constantly getting the message machine I realized we needed a plan B. Lynn and I sat at a view and looked at the book to see that there was only one other option, Jess Treat who let hikers stay in her home. We called and saw that the thunderstorm was rolling in, the plan was to get picked up at the base of the mountain at Jug End Road which was before where we were originally going to get picked up for the farm. The only view listed in the book was Jug End View so we figured that's where we were, so we only had .7 left to go. We coordinated to be picked up in a little over a half an hour which would give us plenty of time. If only we were actually at the Jug End View and not about a half hour prior. View after view we wondered could this be it? The thunder started to grumble and the skies and wind turned mean. Some sprinkles fell and we put on our pack covers and continued down the mountain. We got to a big, open, steep rock slab with a view-Jug End. Wow, we are only here and have .7 now to go. The downhill was treacherous, it was slick from the rocks being wet and steep, and we were on a time crunch with our overdue ride. Lynn was in front of course and I was carefully trying to get my way down. I knew that a hurt wet body was way worse than a wet body and either way I had to get down the mountain so I might as well take my time so I don't get hurt. Once the rocks were gone, there were steep switchbacks and I thought where is this damn road!? Finally I saw the car with a woman and Lynn. We apologized for having her wait for almost an hour, but then again-how would we know. We traveled down a long gravel road to a paved road and then the small, old town of Sheffield emerged. We pulled in and got settled up in our room and saw that Oregon and Little Bit were also staying there. I was so hungry and for once, food was on my mind before a shower. It took a little, but we finally got dropped off at The Bridge which is a local restaurant nearby while the others went to the grocery store with Jess. Lynn and I both ordered a Blue Moon and salads. The bread was amazing and I got a chicken stir fry as my meal which was also really good. There was so much that I actually had leftovers. The plan was to work on the farm Saturday and get picked up from my mom Saturday night, now that we weren't on the farm-plans were changing. If I take two zeros, I know Lynn won't want to; but at the same time-I already had it in my mind I would be off those days and there is no changing my mind. My mom thought of hiking a short day so it was enjoyable, and then getting picked up so that way it would be like a day and a half; Lynn and I agreed on it and so that was the new plan. When we got picked up from dinner, I showered and then listened to my ipod while editing photos for the blog. After Lynn took a bath we watched Alice in Wonderland the Disney version and it was great. I am very disappointed in the moon in the pond farm for not getting back to me, but we learn to adapt.

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