Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 98-Zero In Philly With The Phamily

This morning I got up to go to the bathroom, and then Hunter woke up like 10 minutes later. I laid in bed and gave her a bottle while my mom took a shower and after we played on my bed. She was loving her puppies; I would hold her ankles and she would be eye level with them and she loved it. Once mom got out, Hunter helped her brush her teeth with the electric toothbrush and loved it. We got ready and headed to the second floor for breakfast where I had scrambled eggs, potatoes with salsa, a biscuit, raisin bran cereal, and apple/cranberry juice. After, we came back up to the room and I realized I left my phone downstairs on the chair so Hunter and I went back for round two. Just kidding! But we did get my phone. We got the stroller ready and headed out on the town to sight see, first up: The Liberty Bell. The walk wasn't bad, but it was really humid out. When we got there, the line was on the side of the building so we waited. It didn't take terribly long to get in which was good. Getting a photo of us all however was a little different, Hunter wanted to grab my glasses the whole time. Then I look at the photos and realize the guy had his finger at the top! Mom grabbed another of just Felix, Hunter, and I. After we headed to the information center to get tickets for Independence Hall. It was nap time and we were out and about making it hard for her to nap, she finally gave in and fell asleep. Our tickets were for 2:15 and it was only 11:30, so we headed to the Betsy Ross house. We toured her house and then stopped in Starbucks and I got a vanilla bean frappuccino. They mixed up my size with my moms so her drink was a medium and mine was a large when I just wanted a medium and I am sure she wanted the large. Oh well-I drank it all of course. Next we headed to the National Liberty Museum and there were so many great glass pieces. Our time was almost up for our Independence Hall tour so we killed a little time in some junk stores and then headed over. Last time I was here was in 8th grade and I don't even remember it! For how long we were out, and going from exhibit to museum; Hunter was so good. She had two cat naps in the stroller but nothing of any measure. A Philly cheesesteak was in order and on the way out this morning I asked the hotel front desk where she recommends, she said she likes Jim's the best; so that's where we went. I put the address in my phone and it was a 12 minute walk for us, the humidity was so high today but at least most of the time there was a breeze. We saw Jim's, and also the line that wrapped around the outside! Mom and I got in line and Felix stayed with Hunter on the side of the building while she napped. The place was tiny and crammed and the whole experience probably took at least 45 minutes. They knew exactly what they were doing there was just so many people. While in line, mom asked the guy behind us if he was from here and what he normally gets-he is from Florida, but he's been here before and gets the cheesesteak with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Not the answer I was looking for! I decided on wiz cheese, provolone, peppers, and mushrooms. The bag weighed 20 pounds! We walked back to the hotel and stopped at Walgreens on the way. My knees were starting to get sore, and the side of my right little toe from those Solomon shoes I am still trying to break in. I was ready to be there; I was all sweaty, walked around all day, was hot and thirsty, and hungry-and I'm not even hiking today! We finally got to the hotel and I opened up my cheesesteak, the bread was a little soggy from travel but great nonetheless. Hunter and I played on and off while I got all of my things ready for tomorrow, how is it already Monday?! Time flies. I am only carrying food for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday since Wednesday I will pick up my mail drop in Port Jervis, NY. My pack is going to be almost normal weight! I have finally given in and am going to try to get mail drops every 3-4 days instead of 6. It was 8:00 when mom asked what we should do for dinner; none of us were really hungry, but I knew I should eat every chance I can. We called the front desk to see who delivers and she gave us a website with a bunch of restaurants listed. I looked through and settled on Thai, wrote down what I wanted and had mom all; seems like they aren't delivering right now and closing soon-no Thai. Felix went to take the dogs for a walk since they were in the hotel all day and on his way back we had him grab menus in the lobby. I haven't had sushi in 3 months, let's do Japanese. I once again wrote down what I wanted and mom called and the number was not in service. 0-2 losing very badly right now, am I not supposed to eat tonight? The remainders were; Chinese, two pizza places, and middle eastern-the better looking menu of the two pizza places it was. And they better be open! They were, and we ordered a pizza with eggplant, spinach, tomatoes, and ricotta. I continued to get everything packed up and ready while playing with Hunter in between. I am all caught up on the blog and ready for bed, it's not fair we have to get up so early just to drive almost 2 hours before I start hiking. At least I will have time in the car with them, tomorrow will be a sad day all over again. The one good thing is I am constantly moving closer; so next weekend I will only be about 2 hours from home, and the following weekend I may even hit Connecticut! Crazy how quick these state are happening now after Virginia. After Connecticut, Massachusets, and part of Vermont I will start moving pretty far away again-never as far as Georgia was though!

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