Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 95-Rocky Mountain Hell Half Brownie Fail

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but knew I had to since I had a 16.5 mile day ahead of me. It was an uphill climb, but at least there was a view at the top. After that I would be hitting another view at the pinnacle; which meant more rocks. I got to the top of the trail where the side trail to the pinnacle was, and realized there was a white blaze to me left, and to my right. Which meant there were three for there was one behind me, this wasn't right; but I'll figure that out after I look at the view. I headed for the blue blazes and came across two teenage boys talking, and further three teenage girls. I sat and took a small break before continuing on my way. Now which way was the way though, I went the way I thought would be right for a little but then my compass would read South. I turned around to go back to the junction and check out the other one. Once I got there I noticed someone wrote "not X" which made me realize it was not the way. I headed back to the first path I tried and continued on. Going down was a lot nicer than coming up! It was a gravel road, which then turned to a dirt road. Well this was nice. There were signs posted everywhere since it was state game land about hunting and wearing orange, luckily my headband is bright orange and my clothing you can see from space. The road was long and uneventful, as nice as it was on my body; it was boring and mundane on my mind. Is it ever going to end? I finally went back into the woods and then came to a road crossing. I had only 7.4 miles left to go and I sat for a little break and to call my mom. We made plans to go to Philly after she picked me up, and stay for two nights-so excited! I walked by the stream and stopped to filter some water, after I had a long straight uphill climb. I was so hot and hungry I couldn't wait to get to the top to eat. I finally neared the top and saw a couple sitting, I joined them and made a tuna wrap with the little bag of lays chips from lunch the other day. Pretty Bird and Big Gulp I believe were their names and shortly after they left I did too. The rest of the hike was all boulders, I don't think my feet touched dirt once. My ankles were killing me and I just wanted to be at camp. I didn't want to stop because I thought, "I've gotta be close." I came to a boulder junction which I thought was the Tri-corner but later I learned it wasn' the time though, I thought-ok, only 1.2 miles to go. (But I was wrong.) When I actually came to the Tri Junction I couldn't believe it, I still had over a mile to go! Can I call the helicopter now? I am going to tear into that cosmic brownie when I get there. I finally saw the sign, and thought "thank god I don't know how much longer Eminem would hold me over!" I walked to a campsite, sat down on a rock, and grabbed my brownie. It was smushed but would taste the same, as I opened it; the heat had made it soft and half fell on the ground. Can't I catch a break?! I debated eating it but it was covered in leaves and dirt. I ate the top part that didn't touch the ground and threw the other part out, devouring the other half in the package. I set up my tent, got inside, a did my evening ritual. I talked with Barticus and he sent me a thumbs up for my 16.5 mile hard day, so I gave him one back for his beard growth.   After relaxing I called it a night; I heard the couple, and Cornrow Steve roll into a site behind me.

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