Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 94-Wouldn't It Be Nice To Stop Daily In Town For Lunch

I didn't die last night which is always a plus. You never really think about how fragile tents are, they're just fabric. Nothing to prevent something falling on you and doing damage, let's face it; it is the woods. I scrambled boulders like eggs this morning to get to a restaurant in town for lunch. I haven't been using my knee braces since it keeps me so miserably hot and sweaty, and they have preformed without them. The downhill into town however I strapped them on. It was a crazy straight long downhill section. I stepped onto the bike path, took off the braces, and continued down to the train tracks. I walked into town with a couple I haven't seen since the Smokies and off they went to the post office, so I went to get lunch. I walked up the stairs where the door said entrance, saw a sign that said please wait to be seated but was confused. It was like a mud room, a main door, and then a secondary; do I wait here? They can't see me. I opened the door and there were just tables, I asked a customer and they weren't very helpful; but I did make out that this was the back entrance. I walked through to the bar and grabbed a seat on the end. I ordered a water, Blue Moon, and BBQ bacon mushroom cheeseburger and then plugged my phone in to charge. I texted with my mom and Greg, and learned Greg was not going to come this weekend; it was Wednesday, I needed to know what and where I will be Saturday. I frantically texted my mom and she said the bed and breakfast I had planned to stay at with Greg was booked so I couldn't stay there, which meant my mail drop wasn't going there. I texted a couple people, but it was last minute. I then asked my Papa if he could come and meet me for the night, bring my mail drop and let me do laundry. I told my mom the bind I was in and she said if Papa can't, they will come down. I called Papa but one of us had bad reception and he was driving the motorhome back from Mystic so he told me he would text me later. I didn't have later to wait, I was going back out into the woods after lunch. I texted Nana and told her what was going on, she said Papa would call me in 15 minutes, and then I got another text saying he would come! I was so relieved! Family first! I got a call from my mom saying there was some confusion why they had to bring me food why couldn't she or just mail it. It couldn't be mailed because the bed and breakfast is full, and she couldn't come because she had to get the baby at 1:00. Turns out, once she got Hunter; her, Felix, and the dogs would come down to meet me. Again, family wins. I am so thankful to have such a supportive family, especially last minute. After 3 months of not seeing them, I would be on Saturday! I felt at ease knowing I was back on track with a plan. I charged up, and headed out filling my water with the outside hose and throwing my trash away. I left town and it had rained while I was in having lunch, that worked out nicely. The sky still looked mean and I was hoping to not hit anymore storms today. The climbs down into town always suck, so naturally; the ones up out of town do as well. It was a little after 2:00 and it was hot and humid. The water from the hose tasted horrible and I am pretty sure there is a faucet leaking under my shirt constantly-gross. After rock climbing the terrain was actually a dirt path! Haven't seen that in awhile, and everytime a Don Omar song comes on my iPod I dance on the trail. I can't always walk, but I find a way to dance when it comes on. I got to a clearing in the woods and then some gravel and a creek. There was a man walking his dogs that lived nearby and the shelter was just around the corner! I grabbed a nice big campsite before the shelter, set up, and then went to get water passed the shelter and rinse out my salty sweaty shirts. There was no one at the shelter, and there were some nice camp spots near there as well. I filtered water with my new pump and it worked great, then I put my shirts, shorts, and compression socks in the stream and rung out. When I got back to camp I hung everything in a tree to dry overnight. No one seemed to show up to the campsite, and possibly a couple showed up to the shelter but I'm not sure. I took my washie bath, rubbed down my feet, and did my ankle rotations. After eating and writing in my journal, I went to sleep. I woke up around 10:30 to thunder, it wasn't supposed to storm tonight; but I didn't want to take the chances with my clothes hanging in the tree. I went outside to get the damp clothes, and 5 minutes later it started to rain, saved by the bell!

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