Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 88-One Historical Place To The Next; Harpers Ferry-Gettysburg

After waking up religiously at 5:30am daily, my body is now accepting it and waking up at 6:30 on my zero-not cool. I even went to bed late last night! I felt wide awake, went to the bathroom and took about a half hour to fall back asleep.   But I did. Nana started making coffee around quarter to 9:00 so that was better than 6:30 when my body originally woke up. We lounged around a bit and then decided to get breakfast before we hit the road. Driving not even 5 minutes to Harpers Ferry downtown we went into the country cafe general store. I ordered the vegetarian omelette with ham and a chocolate milk. It was good, but our waitress was something else. First Nana thought she was in a bad mood, but I thought she was just one of those rough around the edges diner women. She brought my chocolate milk after their drinks, so when she brought their breakfasts without mine I said; always forgetting about me and bringing my stuff last! She joked and said she wasn't bringing it. Throughout breakfast we joked back and fourth and then she asked where we were from-I explained how I was hiking the Appalachian Trail and she thought I was crazy of course. "Are you doing it alone?!" Seems to be the first question everyone always asks. After we left breakfast, we headed back to the motorhome to pack up everything and head to the next campground. I looked at my shoes I got not even 3 weeks ago, and they looked like I've walked 500 miles in them already. We loaded up and headed out and I was copilot while I looked over the AWOL guide and talked with Greg. Once we got to the campground we found our spot in a grass field with the tree line behind us and we were the last site which was nice. Having trouble leveling the motorhome on the grass, we finally were in business, much more breathing room than the last campground. We don't have sewer hook up however, which means showers at the shower house. Papa and I went in the camp store to get a longer hose and I got a Gettysburg shot glass, marshmallows for Nana, and 3 cowtails for Nana (her favorite!) I am thinking of buying the wood saying below depending on the price their asking, I sent it to Greg to cheer him up-hope it worked! When we returned; I made my lunch for tomorrow, got my snacks, Gatorade, and water filled up. And then I indulged in some ice cream while I planned out my miles until next Saturday, I think Greg is coming for a few days next weekend to see me so I wanted to get everything tentatively planned out so we can make it happen! So excited that not only does my grandparents come and visit but also Greg! Getting closer to home so I expect to see more familiar faces! The lightning started and then the rain, but not as bad as what I saw yesterday. Toni (Ryan's mom) texted me to make sure I stay safe during the storms which was so kind of her to think of me! We headed into Gettysburg to the Dobbin House Tavern the oldest building in Gettysburg. The building was so old and quaint I love it, reminded me of Avon Old Farms back home; Papa said it reminded him of Sturbridge Village. Inside, the waitstaff was dressed for the era and we were served homemade white bread, pear bread, and fruit muffins; the pear bread was to die for! Off to a great start, I had a drink with white wine, ginger ale, and  raspberry; so good. For dinner I had the Hunter's Chicken; two pieces of chicken with a brown gravy, tomato, and mushroom with a baked sweet potato and mini corn like you get in Chinese food. It was all so good! I had the last piece of pear bread for dessert. The restaurant was candlelit; so it felt like it was around 8:30 when it was only 6:30, thankfully! We got back to the campground and I made a cup of peppermint and ecenacia tea in my new mug! "Off to see the world" and then the charm says "live happy." I love it. Papa and I went over the maps and locations for tomorrow from where we are and I am ready for bed. Tomorrow I will hit the Mason Dixon line and Rocksyl...I mean, Pennsylvania! Watch out New England, here I come.

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