Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 111-Zero At The Winery, Family Dinner

First waking up at 6:30, I rolled over until 9:00- that's better. I came downstairs to a full fridge and made a feast. Scrambled eggs, two mini bagels with butter and honey, fresh mango, raspberries. And blueberries! It was so good. Mom and I headed to the shop to get my car, first stopping at Dunkin Donuts. I got a Oreo vanilla bean and it was amazing. We got to work and mom couldn't find the keys for the corvette which was behind my car, I had an appointment at 11:30 and it was almost 11:00. We had to leave so I could get there on time so mom dropped me off at Massage Envy and called Papa to see if he could go with her to get my car. When I made my appointment I asked if I had any credits on my account; she replied "18 hours." I debated using all 18 hours! But 2 will do, for now! The massage was great, it hurt a lot though. Not one of those enjoyable relaxing, put you to sleep kind. No this was beating every sore muscle I had, but it's good for me. After the massage I scheduled another 2 hour for Monday, and mom picked me up and brought me back to the house. My beautiful car was in the garage! I showered and got ready since Ryan was coming to get me to go to the winery in Coventry. When he got here, we got in his car and he tells me he doesn't have any AC...yeah, no. Go park on the street and we will take my car! Cassidy Hill is a nice place, I've been here before with mom and Felix, the problem this time was it was 4:30 and promptly at 5:00 they had a private party. We did our tasting, bought a bottle and two glasses for $2, and sat outside at a picnic table to enjoy a glass. They have a really nice porch, but the place was packed and nearly everyone was on the porch-way too loud. It was nice under the tree. As 5:00 neared we decided to find a spot to chill with the rest of the wine. Driving around for awhile until I realized where I was, we found the Nathan Hale Homestead that said encampment reenactment-we decided to check it out. I parked and had to pee for like 20 minutes so the hiker in me (who am I kidding I used to do this before the trail) peed behind my car. Ryan said yeah, were not staying here-it's $175 a ticket it's some fancy dinner and cocktails. So, we headed to the lake. My aunt and uncle live around the lake so I was familiar with the area. We parked and headed to a picnic table at the private beach. We sat and caught up and then moved down to the dock where Ryan said the water was so warm. It was so nice to just relax by the water. We finished off the bottle and headed out since I was meeting my family for Thai at 7:00. I dropped Ryan at my house, jumped in the car with mom and Felix, and headed to dinner. Robin, Heidi, John, Nana, Papa, Garrett, and Leah all awaited us. It was great seeing everyone, Angelo and Andrea showed up later too! We got spring rolls, dumplings, edemame, and I got chicken pad Thai. So good, and I think Hunter enjoyed it as much as I did! She sat with me almost all of dinner and was loving it. After dinner Heidi and John came over for a bit, we gave the baby a bath, and then hung out watching TV. After her bottle, Hunter fell asleep on me and it was just like before I left, but a lot bigger now! It's funny, I was telling my mom how during the first week; I felt like I had been out in the woods for a year. Now the days are very long, but it's hard to believe I've been gone almost 4 months already, I come back home and feel like nothing has changed. I guess that is a good thing. 

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