Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 110- April 7th I Started My Walk From Georgia To Maine- On July 25th I Stepped Back Into Connecticut

Sleeping in was nice; Pocahontas and I decided to go to the deli together since she needed a easy relaxing day. We took our time, talked with Jay before heading out around 9:30 or so. Once we got to the bottom of the hill the largest oak tree was in front of me and boy was this thing big! From there the walk reminded me of being back in New Jersey; there was farmland, swamps, footbridges, and even a boardwalk it was surreal. We got to the train station and knew the deli was only .6 down the road. Being out of the woods was a lot hotter though being on pavement. We got to the deli and I ordered a bacon egg and cheese which was consumed before a photo could be taken, plus I had my phone inside charging. I also ordered a turkey sandwich with all kinds of toppings for later, it weighed like 10 pounds. I bought a Gatorade and a Vitamin water and we hung out there for awhile. After deciding to carry on, Pocahontas forded her first stile and farm walk. It was really hot. I was glad to be back in the tree covering woods, I took a couple breaks and she caught up on my last one. She originally thought it was only 3 miles to the shelter she was going to stay at, but really it was like 6. She had taken a break too to rest her feet. The 6 miles wasn't too bad pretty flat and easy but my feet were tired. We finally got to the shelter she was going to stay at which was 5.3 miles from my pickup spot. I sat and ate my sandwich which was all soggy now, guess mayo and roasted red peppers should have been on the side-oh well. It was so good! I sat and hung out for a bit and then was getting ready to head out when I heard my name being called. Who could this be? I backed up, looked up the hill and saw it was Gizmo! I had been wondering where he was since I hadn't seen him since Woods Hole Hostel and knew he was pretty determined. We caught up for awhile and he said he was feeling pretty down through PA, NJ, and NY as well with all the rocks and not having a good time and enjoying himself. Sounds familiar I told him, glad I am not the only one. After about 10-15 minutes of catching up I hiked on, and he followed after getting water since he was doing 24 miles today. I crossed the road which was the NY/CT border and when I entered on the other side I saw a box with the two states-I had made it! After walking for a bit, I came to a big Connecticut Appalachian Trail sign and the lighting was really bad with the trees, I waited for Gizmo to show up to take my photo. Such a great feeling I can't believe I am in Connecticut. We hiked on together until I decided to take a photo and he went on. There was a big uphill that seemed never ending like in Virginia, hiking to a peak with no view just to go down the other side. I was sweating my ass off and the down at the end wasn't any better. There were a lot of rock steps which were convenient but the trail seemed a little damaged. Once I got down the downhill, the trail leveled out next to the river and that was really nice. I passed the sign for the shelter and once I got to the bridge I was originally going to camp at, I let off a load and sat down to take photos and relax. It was only 6:00, and I only had 1.2 miles; they were going to be there at 7:00 so I had plenty of time. I took photos, drank my Gatorade, got the blog ready, and texted with people. Next thing I know Gizmo is crossing the bridge-he was in front of me! Seems there was some great Smirnoff and juice trail magic at the shelter, oh yeah it's the weekend. Oh well! I ended up heading out around 6:30 and walking next to the river was nice. Welcome to Connecticut there are roots everywhere! The hike to the road wasn't bad and when I came out to the three way I didn't see the Jeep but I had a text saying they were here. I called mom and they were down the road so they came and met me shortly after. We had an hour and half drive home so we decided to find a local spot for dinner. We stopped in the Cookhouse for BBQ and I got a pulled pork sandwich, and a Shocktop. We got fried pickles as an appetizer and it was really good. It was so crazy being back in Connecticut, I-84, driving roads and towns that were oh so familiar. Then we pulled into the driveway, I went up to my disaster of a room (basically we bought out Sams Club and it now resides up in my bedroom.) Can't thank my mom enough for what she does for me on the trail! I took a shower in my shower, I slept in my bed, and it was amazing! 

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