Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 105-Zero At The Residence Inn

Last night Greta drove me nuts first she jumped up on the bed, and then all night she was licking a sore on her foot. Then Hunter got up so everyone else did and on went the lights and TV, can't I just sleep? As soon as breakfast was mentioned I was ready to get up. We went and I got scrambled eggs, a bagel with butter and cream cheese, a waffle, and cranberry/orange juice. I brought a banana for later. After breakfast we went back to the room and relaxed, everyone took a nap and I sat and blogged, on my computer! So much faster than on the phone. After Hunter woke up it was hard to blog so we played and ordered lunch from a deli that delivers. I got a roastbeef and provolone on rye with lettuce, olives, roasted red peppers, and mayo it was so good. I got a side of pasta salad and a vitamin water as well and then we all got ready for the pool. The size of the pool for this place is about the size of the one you would have in your backyard, small for how many people are here using it. Hunter, mom, and I swam and the water was a perfect temperature. I finished blogging by the pool and Felix went to get us Redds but they were closed by the time he got there-bummer. Mom and Hunter went to take a nap and then took care of some preparation for tomorrow-it's amazing how fast the time goes by. I put all of my food in my food bag, cleaned out my water filter, and washed my pot and spork. After we headed for sushi! Haven't had sushi in over 3 months; we got edemame and gyoza to share, I got miso soup, rainbow roll, and sweet potato roll. It was yummy! After we went across the street and mom got ice cream and Felix got frozen yogurt, I still have my cake at home so I didn't get anything. Once we got back to the hotel I showered and packed everything ready for the morning, too tired to eat my cake. Maybe after breakfast in the morning! It is almost 10:00 so I am going to add a few more songs to my iPod and then call it a night, back on the trail for another 6 days tomorrow-hopefully my week starts out better than last, though it will still be hard leaving.

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