Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 101-When Things Start To Get Better And You Walk 19.7 Miles

I didn't sleep soundly last night, but I did enjoy where I was. It was a nice change of scenery, literally. The wind blew since I was so high up; drying all of my stuff which was nice, and the rain stopped! Seems like I probably shouldn't have camped at the tower with the sign that was on it, but I would have given a storm sob story had anyone bothered me. I only had .5L of water and half of a water bottle from leaving my mom on Monday. I planned to get it before the next shelter. The terrain turned swampy and that was not an option for drinking water. Luckily the weather today was less humid and breezy, making it a good morning for me. It's amazing how much the weather effects me. The sun was shinning and the walk wasn't bad at all. Every water source I came to was a muddle hole it was then I realized I wasn't getting water until I reached the visitors center. This was not so great news for the fish in me that loves having water readily available. Being thirsty sucks; again, drinking your spit when you were younger never worked Ma, and it still doesn't. I tried not to think about it and saved the last sip for the last mile. Over some rocks and down a hill and I was walking on flat dirt to the center. It was around 2:00 when I walked in and got my box. I sat there, made lunch, organized my food, and got a free soda for signing the guest book. I charged my phone and Ipod as well. I stayed until 3:00, and my pack felt heavy with now food and water in it. There was less of a breeze when I left and it was uphill and rocky-the best combination. I finally got a glimpse of the monument in the distance, very cool! Then I came to a platform lookout where I got an even better view. I chose not to walk the extra miles to go and actually see it and knowing what I do now, I am glad I didn't. Originally I just had 2 miles to the shelter after my maildrop, making it a 14.1 mile day. Since it was so early I decided to walk until 5:30 or so and try to find a stealth spot. I walked on past the shelter and the terrain was nice and flat, but no stealths. Botany and Pending passed me again, seems like everyday they pass me at least once. Either they camp further than me and I get up earlier, or I go further and they are faster. One way or another, they always creep up behind me. I was still feeling ok minus the fact that my pack was noticeably heavier. There was a steep downhill and I was at turtle speed. After the downhill I was in the country, I crossed roads every now and again, and then would go back into the flat woods for a little. Rock walls, but no stealths. How could this be that no one tried to camp anywhere he before? I came up on Pepe Le Pew and thought, oh great this is just what I need. Luckily I gave him his space and didn't get sprayed. My knees and feet were starting to hurt and say "camp now!" But there was no where. I was about to just set up in the woods but something in me said just keep walking. Papa asked if I was headed to the Murray Property but that was still 1.7 miles away-I wanted out now. There ended up being nothing so by the time I was done with a steep uphill, to a downhill, I walked down the gravel driveway and here I was at the Murray Property. Botany, Pending, and Chopsticks were on the front porch of the shelter eating. I played anti-Cheeky Chi tonight and took care of me. I set up my tent in the open grass under a tree, made dinner, massaged my feet, and calculated that I did 19.7 miles today! Crazywoman. I talked with Barticus to see where they were at and he had sent me an encouraging text which put a smile on my face. I am so tired but so happy I came here, this place is great. The shelter even has outlets for charging! The temperatures were perfect for sleeping, and there was a gorgeous sunset out my tent, good day and goodnight!

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