Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 74-Sights To See!

Nana calls what they do "glamping" glamorous camping. Here is Papa watching Fox News this morning. Last night I slept great! Woke up, showered, and got ready to go to the diner for breakfast. Nana wanted to try the Pink Cadillac diner near the camground or as KOA spells it "kampground" so we headed down to check it out. Pulling up King Kong guarded the building so I showed him who was boss, inside was all decorated with Elvis memorabilia-mom would have loved it. I got an omelette with ham, tomato, mushroom, and cheddar, a biscuit and potatoes. It was nothing special but the atmosphere was very cool for sure. Outside, was an old pink Cadillac that I posed next to pictured below. Once we got back to the campground we picked up Dexter and brought him to the Super 8 in Daleville, he was going to zero again to be sure he was alright before going back on the trail. After dropping him off we headed to the outfitter to get a daypack. As soon as I walked in the guy helping me yesterday asked how the shoes were; I told him seems good, haven't walked much though. He helped me with the daypacks and I landed on a Osprey Verve 13. I asked him how fishing was yesterday after work, but seems like he didn't go but should have since he showed me a photo his friend sent him of a 2.5 foot fish he got-seems he should have went! Papa picked up another map to follow me better with connecting roads for next week and after we met Nana nextdoor at the coffee and tea shop. I got an amazing Oreo milkshake and an iced raspberry green tea. Next on the agenda we had to go to Campingworld to get a propane detector since last night the alarm kept going off every 10 minutes and scaring the shit out of us. Papa finally cut the wires on the unit, but then we were susceptible to poisoning ourselves in the night. We also picked up a little grill so next week we can make dinner after my day of hiking instead of going out. We are  staying in Natural Bridge, and imagine that they have a natural bridge. We stopped at the attraction, bought tickets, bumped into a bear and walked the 137 steps (actual steps down) to the natural bridge. It was pretty awesome actually, after a mile further was a waterfall so I wanted to check that out. Papa was having a hard time breathing in the humidity so they stayed at the outdoor seating and I walked down to see it. I came to a mock Indian village which was really cool to see, I've had a fascination with Indians ever since I was younger so I enjoyed it. From there I walked about 10-15 minutes to the...waterfall...I was dissapointed. It was more of a dam of water flowing, if I knew that was what it was going to be I wouldn't have walked down to see it-oh well! I have some hot spots on the side of each pinky toe that I have had for a couple days now and walking to the waterfall in the new shoes irritated them. I stopped on the side of the trail; grabbed some leaves, and folded them over the hot spots. It worked nicely actually and Nana was surprised when I told her what I did that I would know to do that. She asked where I learned it and if I had read any survival books before I left-I had not, and I don't know, it just came to me as a good idea. I told them when I returned it was a good thing they didn't walk all the way down there for the waterfall since it was dissapointing. We took the shuttle back to the parking lot and headed back to the motorhome to relax and catch up on the blog before dinner. We headed to Lexington once again for dinner and planned on trying the Southern Inn Restaurant. It was a success just like last night, this town has great places to eat! I got a house salad with homemade ranch dressing, and a burger with Swiss, bacon, mushrooms and A1 sauce which was good as well. Tonight I have to pack for 2 days and 1 night in the woods and tomorrow calls for an early morning back on the trail! I am hoping to FaceTime with Mom and Hunter too.

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