Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 68-A Loaf Of Bread

My mock bunk was a success! I know it rained last night, but I couldn't tell with the ambiance of the creek. The dogs were let out at 6:30 and then we were up...thankfully I was a few feet off the ground. As much as I am not a morning person, I was looking forward to be on the trail earlier than normal...wrong. We charged our phones in the provided outlets, took advantage of the wifi offered, and packed up. Our clothes were still damp as imagined and that was depressing since we were now all dry. I looked in my foodbag for breakfast and pulled out the tortillas my mom sent me at Woods Hole; last I checked she didn't send spinach were they already moldy? Surely she didn't buy them like that-I sent her a photo to get a response that they were from Whole Foods and lacked preservatives...givemee the preservatives! I need them to last me at least a week. Oh well, next box! Over breakfast we got to talking about the slowdown of trail magic recently, and some great magic we have gotten. Phoenix starts to tell me that one of the best magic they have gotten was a couple of Mountainhouse breakfast burritos in Grayson Highlands. Right then in disbelief, I explain how that was me-well kinda. For those who have not read past posts: some weekenders I was hanging out with left me those at my tent in the morning, for those of you who don't know why they don't agree with my digestive system...use your imagination-or, go back and read. Needless to say, I left them on the trail and Phoenix and Johnny Appleseed got them! That was great to know where they ended up, and with whom. After watching everyone slowly and miserably put on wet articles of clothing; I eyed the sauna next to the fridge. Surely if something wasn't welcomed to be used it would say so; I turned on the sauna, put my wet sneakers, compression socks, and gators in to dry-and then I sat in there for a little while. After being the first to do so, others followed on putting their gear inside. It worked rather well actually. Now that it was 8:30, I suppose we should head back on the trail-we had one last breakfast soda and went on our way. Remember how I was glad I was slackpacking with the zip line? I didn't think of once I got my pack back! Dexter and I decided for me to go across, then he will send my pack, then his, then he will come across. Worked well actually! I came up to a gravel road crossing to find Johnny Appleseed and Phoenix sitting, seems Appleseed's heels wore down to no padding and his foot was really bothering him. They were getting picked up, and were planning to stay with friends in Roanoke. After heading on I came up to a cool camp spot and a nice lookout, I sat there a moment to enjoy and then headed on. Originally I planned to camp next to the stream at a campsite (to make it to my grandparents for Tuesday in Daleville) but once I got there; I cooked my dinner and decided to press on. I carried my dinner the way I have previously, and hoped to make a few more miles before the storm and dark. Dexter and I headed uphill and it started to sprinkle, I pleaded to come across a stealth camp before the skies opened up.  About 7 minutes later we came to an overgrown old road-perfect. The rain was not steady but it was raining, I tried to put up my tent as quick as possible so the inside didn't get wet. Once it was up, I got everything inside and then the rain stopped. I ate my dinner, and thanks to Neville sending me off with a loaf of bread-I got to enjoy that as well. When the rain stopped; I was kind of dissapointed since camp was set up and I could have kept hiking. On the other hand; if I went on, got caught in a downpour, everything got wet, and I had to set up in the rain-I would have been miserable. So I am thankful in the moment. 

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