Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 67-One Luxury To The Next

I came into Woods Hole on Sunday and knew after my zero on Monday I was not ready to leave yet. It took a couple days as you all know for me to move on; but I was as ready as I was ever going to be, and I was ok for saying goodbye-for now at least. My stay at Woods Hole Hostel was one of my favorite things on my journey so far. I woke up one last time in the house, drank my tea, and helped serve breakfast. Neville called Don Raines for me; and I had 45 minutes to gather all of my things, call FedEx, eat breakfast, and tidy up. I have to give many thanks to Flyaway; who not really by choice, but called FedEx for me to pick up my package while I packed-thank you flyaway! I didn't even get to finish all of my peach cobbler, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and bread since I ran out of time. We did however brew some of the lemon balm in tea form and I got to benefit from my labors the day before. During our circle of thanks this morning when we said where we were from; I almost said: Connecticut, and almost here (Stonebear and Flyaway say their home states and then "here" since they've been staying at woods hole.) Michael wasn't home when I left but I made sure I got a photo with Flyaway, Neville, and Stonebear. Neville sent me on my way with a loaf of bread; and after making Don wait about 15 minutes, Dexter and I were off to Pearisburg to pickup where we left off. Slackpacking 20 miles to the Captains where our packs would be waiting for us. Back on the trail we saw a cemetery in the woods, walked down the side of the freeway, and then experienced a newly built part of the trail. The terrain wasn't bad and I had only 10% of my pack which is always nice. Walking down the path, I turn to hear music and see Dexter walking down the path playing the ukulele behind me. I heard a lot of people are disappointed with the myth of the Captains zip line not really being a zip line and more of a pully system. I have seen photos online so I knew exactly what it was going to be and I still looked forward to it. Approaching the zip line; there were signs posted "zip line ahead" "not this one but next" "almost there" and just incase you don't know where you are; one that says "you r here." It was quite tricky and I am glad I had a slack pack. I hooked my poles on, sat on the wooden bench, and held my breath I made it across! I actually moved across almost halfway before having to use the pully system to get myself the rest of the way. I made it! The place looked like no one was around; the AWOL book says if it is bad weather you are welcome to camp on the back porch, since it was drizzling I walked around back. There I found a screen porch with Johnny Appleseed and Phoenix! I took off my wet clothes and hung them to dry (even though it is so humid that nothing will dry.) There was a fridge stocked with all kinds of free soda so I took a strawberry and it was great. I don't drink soda at home except gingerale so the fact that I get excited over soda on the trail fascinates me. There were two dogs at the Captains and Phoenix, Johnny Appleseed, and Dexter all set up on the floor of the porch like a shelter. Me never sleeping in a shelter and not wanting a dog walking all over me thought about setting up my tent on the porch-too much work. I then looked at the metal garage organizing rack to put our belongings on and thought creatively about whether it was strong enough to act as a bunk bed. I tested it out, decided it was, and set up my sleeping pad and sleeping bag-score! I hopped up into my metal wire bunk and called it a night. 

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