Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 63-Sleeping Like A Baby Is A Wonderful Thing

Finally a great nights rest! The sound of water allowed me to sleep instead of waking up and focusing on all of the woods creatures. I love sleeping next to a river. Waking up I knew I would be at my hostel getaway by late afternoon, I wanted to get going but knew I didn't have to rush too much. My original plan had me hiking into the hostel at 9 miles and change, my revised plan had me hiking in at only 7.8 miles, but since I decided to stay at the waterfall last night I had a new revised plan at about 13 miles and change. I cooked oatmeal and protein powder since I was out of carnation breakfast until my re supply box from my mom at the hostel. It is an amazing thing when your food bag is as big or in this case as small as your clothes and sleeping bag! Sleeping bag is blue, clothes purple, and food yellow. (See below) You can see me below also chomping on protein. Since I didn't get to the flat walk in the woods by the river last night, that's what I had to look forward to this morning! It was so nice, although I was of course trying to see if I could make it in more than my normal pace of about 2 miles per hour. That ego I tell you, it's an evil thing. I wonder if I would ever get bored of walking endless miles on flat ground through the woods and rivers? I sure do love it, and it doesn't feel like work, the way climbing and descending mountains does. It may look like a bunch of mistake photos posted below but there is a justification to my madness: I post endless photos of pretty views and although I do see these places, what I look at more than 80% is pictured below...the ground. Dirt path, grass, leaves, mud, stones, rocks, sticks, and so on. After the easy miles, it went up...for awhile. I was sweating my ass off, trying to stay hydrated without carrying 20 pounds of water like I used to, and staying positive. It was hard. I saw someone coming south and I asked him how far until the view-he replied "about a mile" (knowing this couldn't be true I thanked him and moved on) not even 10 minutes later I was at the pathway to a view. There was a small opening and at least it was a pretty one but I didn't stay long with the hostel being so close, yet so far away. After the big climb up, the rest wasn't that bad. The down was more gradual with a few more ups and downs along the way. You can see the giant tree blocking the path below that I had to skillfully strattle, get both legs over, and get off with a pack as big as me on my back-it was quite graceful if you ask me! I got to the point where I needed a rest off of my feet, an approximate of where I was and how much I have left, and a little energy boost. The issue was, I was making my way down so there was no flat spots to sit for a minute. I finally got to flatter ground, found a rock, and sat on my butt. I put some trail mix down the hatch, drank some water, checked the map, and in less than 10 minutes I was off again. The good news was, only a few minutes later I came to the first dirt road crossing which meant I had only 1.5 miles until the next gravel road which the hostel is located .5 miles down. Ok, I can do this. Spirits high I walked through a large fern patch and had some fun with that. Not long I realized 2 miles still meant an hour not 10 minutes and I was back to wanting to just be there already. I had service so I checked Facebook to keep my mind busy and saw I had a message from Renaissance, he was at Woods Hole Hostel and said my package was there and he was debating claiming it on my behalf and eating all of the food (such a good friend.) That made me excited to see Renaissance again since it had been quite some time. After some small rock patches and a rather large stepdown off a boulder I came to the little sign in the woods for the hostel! Only .5 to go! I got to the fork in the road and didn't know if it was right, or left. Luckily after a minute, and almost going right-I saw a sign in front of me in the trees pointing left for the hostel. I walked down an old dirt road for what seemed like a mile, but in reality it was only 15 minutes. It's funny how when you are trying to get somewhere it always feels so much longer than it actually is. After curving down the road left and right, I finally got sight of a cabin to my right. I could see it for a minute before I got to the driveway, but when I finally did-I was at ease. I walked up to the front porch and noticed an older gentleman, and two younger women. The man greeted me and asked what I could offer him "you can have my knee braces I won't need them for a couple of days." I asked if he was the owner and he said yes, I explained how I called ahead for the single room for two nights-he asked my name "Cheeky Chi." Doesn't sound familiar he said, let's check the books. My head was racing and my stomach turning, I hope they marked me down for staying here! I explained how I was going to be in the loft is what I was told on the phone and so he said "oh, ok it's right up those stairs right there." I went up, to find a pack and gear sprawled on the bed and around the room. I went back downstairs to the porch to explain my new discovery. A woman then opened up the book and said yes you are marked here for the loft but there was a mixup so we are going to out you in the shared room alone since we don't have anyone else staying in there and then the following night we can move your sheets to the loft if you don't mind. "Not at all I said." She introduced herself as Neville the owner. I was a little confused with who the man was since he seemed too old to be her husband. Neville asked if I would like to go to dinner with them that they saved me a seat as long as I got there in time-I accepted. I went up to my room, and immediately got ready for a long-overdue shower. It felt amazing. I then went out to the bunkhouse to socialize with ManBear, Renaissance, Waldo, and Yogi. There were homemade cookie bars which were amazing. I got to the hostel a little before 3:30 and didn't really have a real lunch so I was a little hungry. I heard about the smoothies, fresh bread, and cheese they offered and wondered if I should get some to hold me over until dinner-I didn't end up getting anything. Instead I continued to hang out until we were ready to leave for dinner. I soon found out, not everyone was going to dinner. It seems this was planned for sometime and the people staying in the house were invited. I was kind of bummed we weren't doing the communal dinner, and that I wasn't going to be with my friends but looking forward to dinner nonetheless. The bunkhouse is kind of like the hostel, it is an outside cabin that the bottom is open to the outside and the sleeping quarters is up a short ladder. The main house has the loft with a queen size bed, a private room with a queen size bed, and then the other room with a queen and two doubles. We headed to dinner in two cars; I would ride with Neville, Michael (her husband), Flyaway, and Stonebear in Michael's pickup, and a couple that was here for just a couple nights would take another couple thruhiking. At first we tried to fit myself, Stonebear, and Flyaway in the back of the pickup-that wasn't really going to work since we were squeezed in. Neville told Stonebear to sit up front and she would sit in the back. We sped down the long bumpy dirt road for what seemed like miles, on an empty stomach-not fun. Luckily I was in the middle and white knuckled it to hold myself steady. We finally hit pavement and begun our journey on the winding country backroads. Everyone back home that thinks I am a scary fast driver I wish you could have witnessed Michael's driving. He drives that pickup like a nascar driver. Finally after about 30-40 minutes we arrive at the restaurant-thank god! I need a gingerale to calm these nerves! The atmosphere was great, it was an old brick building in the smallest little town, with wood floors and a live Celtic banjo band. I ordered a ginger beer (guess they don't call it ale down here) and got to talking with the strangers I was about to dine with. Seems Flyaway's birthday is Tuesday so we were partially celebrating that as well as Stonebear's going away. Flyaway has been helping at the hostel for a week she is a thruhiker that was mending an injury, and Stonebear has been here helping 8 weeks! I got to know Beth pretty well which was the husband and wife staying at the hostel. I ordered a filet, with mashed sweet potatoes and a side of broccoli, it also came with a slaw but it had horseradish which I don't enjoy; everything got eaten except for the slaw. The steak was like butter and the sweet potatoes were the best I've ever had. Pictured below from the left is Monkeyman, Pearl, Neville, Michael, Stonebear, Flyaway, me, Beth and Phil. The band was great and the place was hopping-where did all of these people come from?! 30 miles away I suppose. After leaving, we had to remember to pick up eggs from the farm since the Woods Hole farm chickens couldn't keep up with the hikers. I would repeat "eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs" in order for Neville to remember on the way home. Once we got them Michael who was in the backseat with us thought it would be a great idea to throw an egg at a hiker...only problem was it was 9:00 there weren't going to be any hikers. Once we pulled into the farm he threw it out the window for the dog. Upon returning I got the bad news Renaissance headed out. We all sat around the fire for a bit and had ice cream, 6slash told us of his many brain and other surgeries and then I called it a night and went into the cabin to my comfy bed.  

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