Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 62-Enjoy What You Can, The Trail Is Beautiful

Well, my plan to ward away the animals with the fire failed. I woke up multiple times to rustling noises in the woods, and odd noises in the woods. I heard something larger moving around so again I put my iPod on loud and let the earphones radiate into the woods. I still slept horrible. I decided to get up early and get on the trail, I was on by 8:00! Today was planned to be my first 20 mile day so I knew I would have to start early. It was also my 2 month anniversary of being on the trail! I came up on the 600 mile marker right before the stream and failed at taking a backwards 6 photo...or rather succeeded with it being backwards. Oh well! Once I got to the river, I noticed a huge 600 mile marker made out of rocks and took a photo with that one as well. It was around 11:30 and I was ready for lunch since I was up so early so I found a campsite by the river and pumped water to make lunch. I decided on two packages of chicken ramen and pumped water for my Camelbak. It was so awesome to be making so many miles early on. I got to a cable suspension bridge and it was super cool to be able to take a break by the river. My feet/ankles started getting tired, I was thirsty, and I wanted a break. I set out my sleeping pad, took off my shoes, chowed into a bag of famous amos, and enjoyed the rest. I looked at the map and saw I only had a little over 7 miles to go! That flew by! As I sat, ManBear passed he was on his way to Trent's to get some food. I hiked on since I was trying to get to Woods Hole Hostel for Sunday night. I knew that the elevation was going to be a little harder than a walk in the woods until the waterfall and then it would be practically flat which is why I knew the 20 miles could be possible for me. While walking I went back and fourth debating if I would stop at the falls, or continue on. I got to the sign that said Dismal Falls .3 miles at 3:57-I decided to go down to see them. I walked down the path of rhododendrons and passed an empty campsite, then I passed a campsite with large weekend tents and an EZ up-oh yeah it's Saturday. I then got to the swimming hole, it was amazing. I needed water so I went to a fast flowing area with rocks to pump some water and make some Gatorade. I stuck my feet in the water, it was numbing. I loved it. I took off my shirt, changed into my under armor boxers and decided I was going to celebrate my 2 month anniversary by camping here! I went into the freezing water to wash off the grime of the past 5 days. It was so cold! But as soon as I laid out my sleeping pad on the rocks and bathed in the warm sun I was practically dry. Just incase you miss me without my glasses you can see me below waving to you without them! I set up my tent near the water on a semi-flat spot and went back into the water for another dip and more sunbathing. Once the sun started to hide behind the occasional evening cloud, I grew chilly and decided to put my sleeping pad up near my tent since it was higher up and the sun was up there. Marathon rolled in and decided to camp so I clipped my nails, re painted my right hand, and admired the two butterflies that were hanging out on my knee braces. And then Hotsauce rolled in as well as Gizmo for the night. Marathon and I went to sit by the falls for dinner and he shared his left over pizza with me (I had a slice.) Hotsauce and Gizmo joined us and then I see my favorite man in a kilt walking over. Rocky! He said from the road driving by he saw someone with a hot pink shirt and he only knew one person it could be! Gizmo pulled out a package of ramen and I asked him "ramen again? Is that all you eat?" Rocky then crossed over the river by tree to get his footlong subway tuna sandwich to share with Gizmo. Rocky is such a kind hearted man. You can see us pictured below: Hotsauce, Marathon, myself, Rocky and Gizmo. It was a great night with some cool people. Rocky left and we all headed to our tents to turn in for the night.

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