Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 61-That Face That Puts A Smile On Your Face

Waking up in the morning to get going is always the hardest part I just want to lay there all day! Once I got going, I trucked on and looked forward to lunch as always. I decided to pull off on the side of the trail where there was a flat spot to enjoy a lunch and break. As I made my tortilla with chicken I noticed an ant taking away a piece of tortilla. Enjoy buddy, it's bigger than you! I walked on and while walking along the ridge line I hear a snap to the right of me, and at first I thought it was just a tree branch snapping and falling; no big deal. I then hear and see a juvenile black bear run down the right woods, crosses the path in front of me, and heads down the hill to the left back into the woods. Something spooked it and I just hoped momma wasn't nearby and thought it was me! I wish I had it on video but it happened so fast. As I continued on, I see a figure in front of me and then I realize it's Rocky! It has been at least a week since I have seen him and I missed seeing him. The crazy part was not even 15 minutes prior I was thinking of how I missed seeing his smiling face and wondered when Patty his wife was coming out because I knew it was soon. And then there he is. I could tell his smile was not as large as mine that usually mirrors his. Seems he was struggling with similar emotional connection issues. We talked for about 15 minutes and passed. Not much longer , I came across a bunch of grocery bags in the middle of the trail and they were filled with sodas and bottled water. I had an off brand sprite and a water. After the trail magic I walked down a gravel road, to pavement, and the overpass. I called my mom since service has been spotty and talked to her for a good half hour or so while I walked down the road to follow the trail. Once I got to the trail head, I saw Rocky's truck and debated waiting for him but it was only 5:00. Not knowing when he would be there, I decided to hike on and filter some water in the stream nearby. I was walking to try and find a stealth camp, but my feet and ankles/shins were telling me stop...now. ManBear came up behind me and I was surprised since I thought he was ahead of me so that was a great surprise. We talked for a minute while walking since it's been awhile seeing one another, but then he took on his natural pace and disappeared. Luckily, a couple minutes later I spotted a stealth camp to the right off the trail. Perfect. I went down, set up my tent and started a little fire. I figured since my stealth camp a few nights ago kept me up so late, I decided to start a fire in hopes to keep the animals away. This was the first fire I have started and tended to with no one else at camp-I felt accomplished. I fed it to get it nice and hot, ate dinner, and headed in for bed.

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