Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 60-That Moment When Nothing TOO Exciting Happens

So again I woke up in the night to faint light shining on my tent, my guess was Sog was reverting from his hammock and trying to try a drier solution. So I figured I'd give my hiker friend a little time to access his situation. Well he was out there for about a half hour so I decided to get up and see what was going on and if everything was ok. I was right about the rain, everything of his got wet and he was just trying to get dry and comfortable for the night. I woke up again at 6:30 when I heard the guys up and decided to get my food bag from the tree so when I decided on breakfast it would be closeby. As I got in my tent; it poured, and I heard the guys run once more for their tents. I went back to sleep. I woke again and still rain, I ate inside my tent and decided I rather enjoy my warm, dry tent than be miserable hiking wet. I started my hike around 10:30 and boy I am glad I didn't make this trip last night! Once I finally got to the shelter up on the hill it was stone and completely enclosed. I spread out my sleeping pad, took off my shoes and ate lunch-not before pulling a small deer tick off the back of my knee where my knee brace was. Wonderful. I hiked on and nothing too exciting happened-the terrain was up and down and rocky and no views, no water. I was happy to get to the shelter after the night before and set up and be done. I got water at the first stream that came on the trail so I wouldn't have to once I got to the shelter.  Duct tape came up behind me with his dinging bell on his trekking pole and carried on to the shelter saying it should only be 11 more minutes. After about 25 minutes, and almost 9:00 I arrived. Though I was determined I missed it. I set up my tent, Duct Tape set up near me, Ziplock and Rockman, Gizmo, FreeJ, and 50 and we ate dinner and went to bed. Lack of photos was because of my mood, but also the lack of happenings.

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