Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 59-New Friends And A Fire Does The Soul Well

I did not sleep for shit. I heard what was probably a chipmunk and thought it was a bear everytime. I also woke up to my tent being illuminated by someone hiking by southbound which confused me. It wasn't the weekend, Rocky doesn't night hike, and it just freaked me out. From then on I couldn't sleep knowing someone passed by, and the noise from the animals. I woke up to an odd animal noise-is that a bear? I turned my iPod on loud so it illuminated my tent and I heard whatever it was run off. I "slept" the rest of the night with the iPod playing. The walk was beautiful in fields of green and skies of blue. Oh and more cows! I got a nice little surprise when I came through the field and came across a baby! Lately I have been feeling off. Not in a sick kind of way, but a unsure, unmotivated sensation. I feel kind of lost without the original gang, it's not like we partied; but the early days were deffidently full of life. We could be having a bad day, but after seeing a familiar face it turned into a better one. I miss sharing moments and photos with Dexter, Triple P, and everyone else. I felt disconnected. The miles were stressing me and the schedule I was trying to keep. I got to a sweet bridge, camp spot, and ziplock & rock man sitting around. I "met" them at the last shelter that I stopped by for a snack and to rest my feet so I didn't really talk with them much. I sat down to figure out how many miles I had left which were around 5 and got to talking with them. They said how they were thinking to camp here since it was such a cool spot and Maine isn't going anywhere-they had a point. After explaining the purple tribe and my name I decided to embrace an early relaxing camp night like I missed back in the early days. It was around 5:30-6:00 and I set up my tent, gathered firewood and hung out. We talked Gizmo, Sog, and FreeJ into staying as well. We got the fire roaring, ate dinner, and didn't have to rush our evening since it was so early. It started to rain around 8:30 so we all ran to our tents and called it a night. Normally I would be rolling into camp at 8:30 and instead I was fed and ready for bed. It was uplifting hanging out with a group.

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