Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 55-Wine Trail Full Of Magic

I woke up to a normal ankle-phew! That really gave me a scare, I wonder if it was from the ace wrap around my shin and ankle and it inflamed my ankle? No idea, but it was back to normal and I wasn't going to try the wrap again. I stayed in my tent for breakfast as I normally do and heard Weather say "goodbye pretty lady" I didn't respond. Really? Really?! Your 19, we met last night for all of maybe 15 minutes, and this is what you have to say to me-ugh. I was the last to leave this morning. Sometimes in your journeys in the woods you come across lovely steps right up into the world of civilization, and then you usually cross right back in. It was a beautiful day and after walking for a bit I came across a pile of stuff, randomly in the woods...had Katz from A Walk In The Woods been here?! Odd. Other times on the trail you come to these zig-zag structures to keep livestock out, or in. Might I add, sometimes I am not sure how some people get through when little 'ol 110 pounder me is finagling through. After emerging from the woods I walked across some farmland, and be sure to watch where you step! Those are not homemade woopie pies-or are they? Blue skies and white puffy clouds, so picturesque. I started a climb up a bald and got hungry so I had a little snack on a rock while I rested-I was nearly out of water which is my least favorite thing to be on the trail. As I got to the top I took in the view that I have not seen in a few days, it was great. I came up on Weather, another guy who was at the shelter but doesn't have a trail name, and Peapaw. Weather asked me how much my pack weighed after setting it down-around 40lbs. Why, he asked. Because it does, I responded. I guess that is why they call me Cheeky? I shared a rock with Peapaw for lunch and he told me of his daughter who thruhiked in 2005 and how he went to trail days and got the itch to do it. After lunch I carried on a little before the decend and came across an older couple, I asked them if they would take my photo on a large rock formation, after I hear Barticus call my name. We sat and talked a little, seems they didn't have any luck catching a fish and camped by the river (where I wanted to of course!) the couple asked us questions while they cooked on a frying pan and then asked Barticus if he would like a quesadilla, and then if I would. We each ate ours and talked with them some more when they made another and cut it in half for us to split and then gave us a bag of cashews, dried pineapple, almonds, and cherries to split! Some people are so generous! Thank you so much, we appreciate it! After about 20 minutes of Baritcus arriving Johnny Walker showed up-we bragged how he missed the quesadillas. I headed down back into the woods to find water, it was so green and luscious looking through here. The rest of the day I hiked alone; up a bald, saw some cattle, sat on a bench and enjoyed the view for a moment, and hiked on. I had seen Phoenix and Johnny Appleseed while getting water and resting and they were shooting for the next shelter so I thought I'd do the same. At around 7:00 I came to an uphill, a mountain, an uphill boulder scramble-exactly what I want to start at 7pm. Angrily I carried myself up, I came across a bunch of teenagers camping out, gathering firewood, and setting off fireworks-oh what fun the weekends bring! I just want to be enjoying myself at camp! I got water one last time (I like to get my water for dinner and breakfast before getting to camp so I don't have to worry about doing it once I get there or in the morning.) After some climbing up, and then some more, I saw a clearing across the way. Tents were set up, I hope the shelter is close because I want to camp there! I semicircled around to the bald I saw in the distance and saw a bunch of people camped in the woods, then the Thomas Knob shelter where Pheonix and Johnny Appleseed were, I continued on to the grassy area. I found an open spot and asked the 4 people with one tent set up if they mind if I set up here as well (they were weekenders) they didn't mind but explained how John snored and how there was a better spot further up the trail. John showed me the spot and I agreed it was great, I set up here alone but agreed to take them up on their wine offering after. I was in a cove of the woods/bald-best of both worlds, a great view without the intense winds. It was rather cold however, I got my dinner and headed back over to where the weekenders were hanging out. John came over and gave me a platypus of red wine which accompanied my oriental Knorr pasta quite well and a rice crispy treat for dessert. I talked with John and the gang for awhile, saw a redneck tent (changing LED lights) and below is a photo of John and I. It was so nice to relax with people, have a drink and act like an overnight camper even if I wasn't! I grew rather chilly so I said my goodnights and thank yous and headed for my tent-I could see my breath! Down jacket handy I slipped into my sleeping bag with only 2 pages of my first 500+ miles provided to me! Tomorrow it's pony time!

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