Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 51-Zero In Damascus

I did not want to get out of bed this morning so many pillows! But my alarm said: 15 minutes until breakfast you better get up! Downstairs fresh fruit, scrambled eggs with cheese, a waffle, and orange juice awaited me. I felt so fancy with the plates and silver wear. After eating it all, I decided I better get my errands taken care of so I can relax the rest of the evening. I asked about laundry, seems the hiker inn does it for $5 and Crazy Lary does it for $7. I walked in the direction of what I thought was the hiker inn and stopped by another bed and breakfast seems like this was not the place-but then I found it! (Opposite direction) SAS was out front and she hadn't seen the owners so I tried to call them, and then they called back and said he would be there in a minute. laundry: CHECK. Next I needed to stop by the outfitter to get a new jetboil, some cliff bars, fuel, and a nalgene bag instead of my bottles to save weight and still have my MSR pump screw onto the top. After that I headed to Dollar General to get some things: tweezers, small deodorant (finally gave in, once in town all showered and in clean clothes-it's important to not get all sweaty and stinky again from just hanging out!), pumice stone, icey hot, wipes, tortillas, 2 easy macs, gallon ziplocks, cheese peanut butter crackers, a poweraide, and a packet of tuna. Feeling accomplished; I got a message from Dexter on Facebook that he was going to Hey Joes at 12:00 for lunch if I wanted to join. I got back to the house, opened some of my packaging and hung out for a bit before 12:00-then it started to pour. I waited on the front porch for about 10 minutes while on the phone with my mom, once it let up a little I headed over there. They were closed. I walked to Blue Blaze and saw Dexter nearing the corner as well, I heard earlier in the outfitter that Chef got arrested last night-he and Duct Tape got in a fight. Seems it was true as I talked with Duct Tape, Barticus, and Johnny Walker before heading in for lunch. Inside I sat and talked with Ginko for a bit and then Dexter and I grabbed a table. We caught up since we hadn't seen each other in 2 days and I ordered a chicken, ranch, tomato pizza. It was so good! I ate half and boxed the other half for dinner. Dexter forgot his wallet-how convenient! Whatever happened to the man pocket check?! Keys, phone, wallet. I fronted him and he said he would stop by the inn later with the money. I called about my laundry but it wasn't done yet so I slowly limped back to the Victorian. I got an ice pack from Linda and have been sitting up in bed with my leg elevated since. Dexter stopped by with the money and offered to pick up my laundry-can't thank him enough! I gotta stay off my feet as much as possible. Linda came up with my laundry so I sorted through to make sure everything was there and then I put it all away. Now that I am caught up blogging; my phone is at 20% battery, I think I will plug it in and take a bath to rest my muscles and exfoliate my feet! This writing as you go gets kind of confusing sometimes but can we talk about how I just had a relaxing bath, and at the end I hear Linda calling my name and walking up the stairs with a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream and two nature valley dark chocolate granola thins...um yes! Dessert before dinner! She offered me another night (with the price of this place I don't blame her!) but bless her heart she's a really nice woman-we will see how I am doing. I've been told by a few people now in more words than this but the basics are: stay! Before you hurt yourself more! So my life has been in a horizontal state with an ice pack on and off my leg. I  just came downstairs to re-freeze the pack, and eat my leftover pizza, and then back up I will go to stretch. Hopefully I will get in one more freezer pack before they go to bed. Mom is sending me Arnica cream and pills so I'm living on something more natural than Advil and so it is folks...another day in Damascus. Breakfast at 9am. Heal body, heal! Get stronger! Take me all the way to Maine!

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