Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 50-I'm Backkkkkk

 Luckily I did NOT have to run for the woods so it was the eggs! Mom: don't send me the remaining ones we have at home! I woke up when the boys packed up around 7 and then woke up again at 9. I am not a morning person as you can see! I looked at my AWOL book and decided I needed pampering after all of that. I called the Victorian Inn B&B and asked if they had a room, they did! Perfect I should be there between 5 and 6 I told her since I had 13.3 miles into town. I made my breakfast, and brewed some echancia tea in my nalgene and then added blue Gatorade powder and another probiotic packet and man it was so good! (Probiotic doesn't have a flavor, but the echancia Gatorade combo was great!) Better safe than sorry with all of this talk of norovirus on the Appalachian Trail! Tonight I will be back in Damascus! That messed with my head...for some reason I thought 13.3 miles should be done in 3 hours (not really, but the knowledge of town being so close rushed me and messed with my head.) My shin pain is nauseating, I would stop every so often and sit on a log for a few minutes, stretch my calves on a log or rock, and try to stretch my shin. I got frustrated when I thought I was closer to the VA line than I was, I thought I just had 1.5 miles when really it was 3.5. I sat on a log and ate my avocado, and a beef jerky tortilla. After reaching the sign it was another 3.5 miles into Damascus...of course a lot of downhill. I reached the road at 5:00 and had to figure out where I was, and where the B&B was-everything looked so different! As I passed the field where all the vendors were I had no idea that's where I was at first. Children played on the playground, families and old couples walked around, this sleepy little town was back to normal. I took the creeper trail since I knew it was a shortcut to the other side of town, I waved to Rennisance set up in a lawn (I wish I had the strength to go say hello but I was hurting so bad) I talked with ManBear on the sidewalk for a minute, and waved to John across the way. Crazy Lary talked with me for a bit and pointed me in the right direction of the Victorian. I walked in, Linda showed me my room, and explained how they took cash only. I left my stuff and headed for the bank, passing by the outfitter and noticing they were open I stopped in for my packages! Super excited thought they would be closed for the holiday. Once I got back the first thing I did was shower, it was amazing. My room is right next to the bathroom and I am the only one staying at the B&B! The shampoo was Aussie and I felt right at home! After my shower I got on my bed and opened up my packages it was like Christmas! One from my Papa had 2 pairs of shoe inserts to try out-thank you I love you! And the other was from my Mom. My summer sleeping bag, 2 pairs of underwear, another Northface shortsleeve shirt, next 500 miles from my AWOL book, peanut butter, dinners, Advil, L Glutamine, tea, toilet paper, wipes, olive oil, and some other stuff. She also sent me the ignition piece for my jetboil but I figured they would send her the whole burner not just the part...what do they think I'm an engineer?! I think I will be buying a new stove and sending the old, as well as the unopened part back home. I got to say my mom is the best, I'm not just saying this because she reads this blog religiously but because she really is. I wouldn't be where I am right now without her and her support. She is running around back home for me and sending me stuff and I appreciate it so much. I am kind of dissapointed in REI back home though, she was in there looking for some stuff I previously bought and they were no help to her. Really though, thank you mom! She did however send me a dirty shirt! (Not really, but there was a huge pen mark that I busted her for and then washed in the sink.) So I sat on my bed, opened what needed to be opened, tore apart my pack and decided what needed to be sent back, and re-organized some things. The box is full and my boots aren't even in there...yet...maybe...security blanket boots! I got some cream from under the sink and massaged my FEET! So good. It was nearing 8:00 and I didn't want to move but knew I should eat dinner, I tried to call the mill restaurant but seems they are only open on the weekends? Blue Blaze it is. I called and ordered a Philly cheesesteak around 8:30 and then walked to pick it up. As I got to the bar Spike gave me a hug and I talked with her and Paper Weight and Duct Tape. I got a beer and ate my sandwich there. Duct Tape was on his 19th beer and was going from Bud to Mikes hard...sounds like a horrible idea. By the time I left he had one more of each making it 21 beers for the day/night. I talked with Chef a bit as well, he was quite a few deep. He was sitting in his solo booth writing away and asking people to write 10 things they wish they taught in high school. I didn't feel like thinking that much so on my napkin I wrote "I DON'T WANNA!-Cheeky Chi" he told me I was one of the prettiest girls on the trail-I told him I was gonna tell Spike he said that! Spike had left and it was just the guys and I, it was around 9:30 or so when I decided to head back to the house before one of these guys puked. I got "home" and after Linda strongly encouraging I stay another night to rest my leg I agreed, and she changed breakfast from 8am to 9am-thank god! Upstairs I propped all of the pillows under my legs and lay in bed, I tried to go to sleep but before I knew it, it was midnight and I was wide awake still. This bed is so comfy too!

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