Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 48- Memorial Day Weekend

I feel like where's Waldo with my pack...do you even see a pack here?! My tent was damp so I hung the rainfly and footprint on the outside to dry up. The hike up was well up. A bunch of switchbacks and a lot more strenuous than a lot of us anticipated. Towards the top on the way down you caught a glimpse of it...the lake! So it's Memorial Day weekend and there is a lake in sight-we better be headed for it! Ginko flew passed me, and Chef, and a couple others and with the lake in the back of my mind and my ego I wanted down. This is where my lack of patience comes in and I don't help my already hurting body. ManBear and I walked down to the sandy shore and sat with Chef, Axeman, and Ginko. I made some ramen and a peanut butter tortilla and as I finished up Renaissance came over! He asked if anyone wanted to chip in they had just ordered pizza and had one opening-$12 it would be so ManBear and I decided to split it. There was a cute puppy tied to a grill that I wanted to adopt and take with me! Off came the shirt and I put suntan lotion on what I could reach-not about to ask one of the guys to rub me down with lotion...a little too inviting! But I do need to tone down this farmers tan I've got going! ManBear and I headed over to where the pizza is at with Renaissance, Shaun, John, and Big Cheese. They got 3 large pizzas: Hawaiian, jalapeƱo, and supreme. I ended up having 2 Hawaiian 1 supreme and we each got a soda too. For the amount of people here, it being Saturday around lunch time, and a holiday weekend-I was surprised and dissapointed no one was grilling! We hung out for a bit and the Shaun, John, and Big cheese decided to take off-me being slow argued with myself about heading out but I said hell, it's the holiday weekend and there is no place I rather be than this lake. So I went and got my pack from where I left it from earlier and brought it over to where Renaissance was and we laid out on our sleeping pads and soaked up the sun. He soaked some beans in his soda bottle for dinner later and we talked the whole time. It was super chill and I enjoyed myself. Trying to take a selfie with someone who is a foot taller than you is challenging though...second one I think he is kneeling haha. We rolled out together around 4:30 and the walk wasn't too bad with conversation. We crossed the dam and then went up the other side of the lake back into the mountains. I acquired two blisters; one on the bottom of each "ring finger" toe. Hurting with every step, I forgot how much blisters suck! I haven't had them since the first week. We got to the shelter and it was packed with weekend holiday hikers...ugh! No room for my tent! I decided to go on and Renaissance said he'd be right behind me. My feet and shin were hurting I just wanted to be at camp. It was a little bit until Renaissance caught up-my pain must have made me hike faster. The sun set and for a little while it was bearable without a headlamp-it would sure get dark in the rhododendron tunnels but I was being stubborn saying there will be a stealth spot just around the corner-every spot was filled with a couple tents. I took out my headlamp and led the way, wishful thinking we came to a path to the right and I had Renaissance check it out to see if it was flat enough for tents, turns out it was a perfect spot. Nice! It was now after 9:30 and I got my tent set up while Renaissance ate, it was a small area since we were still up high and there was a big boulder cliff drop off. I made some Mac and cheese for dinner and we see a headlamp coming towards us, it is Dexter. He set up on the path since it was long and the actual camp spot wouldn't fit 3 tents, his feet were blistered so he kind of kept to himself that night-I totally understand and have plenty of those nights. Renaissance went to hang our food bags and took Dexter's as well-he was gone awhile, came back after the branch snapping and asked Dexter if he had any rope since the limbs won't hold our 3 bags on one. They both went out to hang the bags this time and again they were gone awhile. Renaissance came back annoyed with the tree limbs so I joked asking if I needed to bust out the avocado! I sat in my tent and rubbed my feet I told Renaissance I could sit here all night and rub my feet and he got a kick out of that and said he is going to quote me in the next log book. It's true, there is nothing better than rubbing your feet at the end of the day. It's euphoric. Orgasmic. And addicting. Yes, were talking about my feet here. 

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