Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 47-I'm Getting Sucked In

I never really understood how hikers would stay extensively somewhere until I experienced the Mountain Harbour Hostel/B&B (even though I tented!) Minus being set on a main road, the grounds were perfect; a barn style old house with a great porch, rolling hills with horses, a donkey, and goats, the creek, and friendly owner-oh! And the breakfast! My shin was still bothering me so I decided on another slackpack, this time I would be hiking north to my pack at Kincora hostel. Works for me! The breakfast was spectacular; one girl said it was the best she has ever had. There was an amazing Mexican boat with eggs, cheese, meat, a pitted olive, salsa and sour cream sitting in a tortilla which was the best. Then the runner up was the homemade strawberry rhubarb sauce to top the pancake, watermelon, ham, home style potatoes, and fresh tomato. I will dream about her breakfasts! I was stuffed, and yet found enough room for 3 chocolate chip cookies and 1 gingersnap-I don't know where it all goes! (Well I do...but that's another story.) Getting back on the trail with a slackpack is so nice. It was still hard on my shin but not nearly as bad as a full pack would have been, I want to slackpack every opportunity that I get. The walk was such a nice walk in the woods, a couple hills but nothing to huff and puff about. I am so happy I didn't skip this section when I was in Damascus and went back. The last stretch into Kincora maybe 6 miles or so I walked alone and loved it. When there isn't someone in eyesight in front of you, you don't rush-you walk your natural stride and have nothing to compare to. At Kincora we got our packs, re-organized them, and hung out a bit with Rocky, Stitch, Pocketfire, Littleman (little guy, lee, LG,Gregory ((whatever he goes by these days!)) and a few others before I decided to hike out before Dexter and ManBear-I needed to take my time. Again the trail was perfect, a stroll by the river. I was so tempted to just camp right there, it was so nice and inviting. There were a bunch of families camping-oh yeah, it's Friday. The weekends: when the woods gets filled with good smelling people. I pushed on, the boulders were huge, I felt like I was in Jurassic Park. Then there was an intense boulder downhill scramble...that was fun...not really. Two women and a guy come bouncing off rocks passed me-damn weekenders. Then I see it, Laurel Falls puts the past two waterfalls to shame. This falls was magnificent. One of the women went in for a swim while the guy took my photo in front of the falls. Turns out it was his 20th birthday today. I talked with him for awhile and then spotted ManBear. We took a photo together and then I headed out once more. The trail got a little tricky after the falls I wasn't sure where it was heading until I realized it went around this rock wall that overhung the river...sketchy! It was getting late and I knew I wanted to camp passed the shelter but haven't passed the shelter. Did I pass it? After looking at my book it made sense that I passed it, but never saw a sign for it-I kept walking until I came up to the Hampton trail into town sign-yup I passed it. It is now 7:40 and the trail goes up from there so I camped right at the base by the sign, there was a spot right near the river. 13.8 miles today! Not bad. This is the first night I've spent alone since that night by the river after Ryan left. I gotta say-I'm pretty excited! I feel like I am actually remote in the woods as opposed to going shelter to shelter with groups of people. I never knew I enjoyed my alone time so much. This section truely is gorgeous, I hope it stays like this all the way to Damascus!

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