Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 43-Enough of Damascus Woods Please

I will never understand how someone could party until 3 or 4 and wake up at 7...I got in my tent at 1:30-2:00, wasn't drunk and STILL didn't want to be woken up at 7. I gathered my things and packed up after living on a front lawn for 3 nights, and called and texted Rocky. He had said that he would bring Dexter (Korey) and I back to Erwin but I had no luck getting in touch. Scout asked to go grab some breakfast so off we went; on the way to the cafe, we ran into Yogi and hit up the gas station for breakfast...never again. I just got a bacon, egg, and cheese on a biscuit but it was made in the gas station. Scout instantly regretted her sausage, egg, and cheese hahaha. Still no word from Rocky after 4 calls, a voicemail, and a text so we headed back to the house to charge stuff and figure out plan b. Scout couldn't believe that there was a such thing as an impatient hiker-me by definition. We sat on the lawn for awhile in the sun and talked, Dexter went over to tent city and said there was no sign of Rocky's truck. I then heard the word Erwin and ran to the edge of the lawn, did you say Erwin? Who we now know as Spike answered yes there is a shuttle out of Sundog Outfitter at 1:45, perfect. Plan B is way later than I had hoped to be on the trail but it was a plan. My control freak self was calmed a bit. I stopped in Subway to get lunch and dinner, and sat and talked with Hawaii who thru hiked previously and she told me to just do it. When you think man, I still have 500 miles to go?! Just do it. Don't rush it over and enjoy it, and if you can do work for stay during or after it is a great reflection and giveback opportunity. She got offered a job I. Alaska, turned it down, but is still going for the hell of it. I envy her spontaneous attitude. She made me feel like a celebrity by signing her map of the AT. Over at Sundog everything was unorganized, the shuttle driver expected to fit 8 hikers plus their packs in a 12 person van...not happening. Plan C new van with bike trailer, we strapped those packs down you would think they were a toy from Toys'R Us-never to be opened.  And away we went, quickly getting to know one another it was chef, myself, dexter, spike, ginko, growler, manbear, and I think I am forgetting someone or two? Maybe not. I dozed off a couple times, and then we were back in Erwin. We stopped at the gas station to get junk, I mean food. I got white cheddar crackers, chex mix, peanut M&Ms, rice crispy treat, and a small tube of buffalo wing pretzels. Oh and of course a pair of diamond earrings for $4.99, in Connecticut they are $6.99-couldn't pass up a deal like that. Once we got back to Uncle Johnny's hostel where we had previously hopped into Lynn's car and headed to Damascus; we were headed North on the 5:00. We made it into the woods and it felt great, peaceful, and relaxing. Before the start of my hike, I would read blogs how they missed the woods after town, or missed their packs after slack packing and I thought they were crazy. How could that be? But it's true, and it happens. Just when I thought I was out of society I have to wait for the train to pass! Perfect time to show off my new gator duck feet. Hiking felt great, it was already 5:00 but I was happy to be back. I stopped by the shelter to eat my packed in Subway 6" and Doritos-so good. Once I made everyone drool I headed up the trail to set up camp. It was again SO NICE to lay in my tent and hear silence and leaves and crickets...oh wait, and the tent across the way talking on the phone and then listening to an audiobook. Lol.

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