Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 40-Moving So Fast...In A Car

Wake up call: "Chi get up!" Thanks Lynn, I feel like I'm at home! Mmmmm left over calzone is the best breakfast! Hey, I'm not hiking gotta fatten up! My favorite flying squirrel showed up and we loaded the packs up and got ready to head to Damascus-but not before hitting up McDonalds for breakfast (them not me.) While in the parking lot, we ran into Pocketfire; Rocky had been trying to get in touch with him and Stitch so we let him use our phone to call Rocky. He is from Germany, I touched up his purple finger and away we go! Thank you Jillian for fixing the order of my posts!!!! For some reason they got a little jumbled and out of sure to go back and make sure you read every one! Hahahaha. After we got tickets for the free dinner we decided to walk over to the outfitters. On the way, walking past Hey Joes, we have been reunited! Refugee, Persistence, and Alpine! Taco Time. Zeek is enjoying his catfish, chicken, and anything else on the plate! After we checked out the outfitter it started to rain...I guess leaving the raincoat and wearing the trail runners were a bad choice on my part. It is called hikerthermia and I will argue I was close (not really...but really.) So we hopped from awning to awning and skipped from puddle to puddle (Damascus PUT IN DRAINS PLEASE) and made it to Mojoe's for some coffee and to warm up! We met a rep for an Italian shoe/boot company called Salewa his name is Phil and he let me use his phone charger AS WELL as his rain jacket for a 10 foot walk next door. I think it is my size (see below Phil and I) big thanks to him, I haven't met a non-generous person yet! It's still raining; if you hadn't gotten that from the rain jacket, and my socks are still wet. So I now own 4 pairs of Darn Tough socks! Wet feet are NOT HAPPY FEET, but now I am happy! A big thanks to the Trail Days Ministry for our dinner, BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw, baked beans, lemonade and a brownie I had! So my trail mom just left and I am pretty bummed she won't be with us I will be lost without you Triple P; even if we are all just a bunch of solo hikers! I hope I see you down the line! You are a strong woman, and an inspiration, and you better come back to the trail-whether you go back to start in Erwin, Damascus, to where Korey is, or where I am, I believe in you. (So you better read this damn thing! Xoxo)

April 9th, 2014 I was the first tribe member, my second night on the trail I met an amazing woman I was lucky enough to spend every day with since...

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