Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 37-Slack Packing Round 2!

Rocky woke up at 7am...sorry Rocky not happening. My body was exhausted, I slept like a rock. I didn't get up until almost 9:00 I needed it. Lynn re-braided Rocky's hair and we talked him into breakfast (Rocky doesn't really do breakfast, but it's my favorite!) Subway over McDonalds, I even got a 6inch and chips for lunch since last night as we were all too exhausted to eat, rocky took out his subway from earlier saved for dinner! Now I could do the same! I loved hiking with Rocky, getting to know him more than just a Southbound smile daily and a quick 10 min conversation. Though today I was really lagging, I felt dehydrated and I couldn't get enough water in me. I was thirsty but I felt like it was just sloshing around, I really felt crappy. We stopped at the shelter and Rocky showed us Sid and his other friends he is carrying with him. Once we stopped and sat I would feel better, but then 10 minutes into walking I would feel like shit again. I lagged a lot, I think I was overheating and dehydrated. We stopped again Lynn, Rocky, and I and I ate a little and drank some more. I miss my Camelbak on my pack! A con of slack packing I only carry one Nalgene with me. After the last time the 3 of us stopped to chat and rest I finally felt better for the rest of the day. We were getting spoiled and decided to go into town another night and slack pack with Rocky again. We weren't impressed with the Southern so we decided to spread our love to Super 8. It was much nicer! We showered, and went to do laundry. As I was sitting waiting for the wash, it started to DOWNPOUR. Glad I'll be in a bed tonight! It was almost 9:00 before our wash was done and we still haven't eaten yet! How did it get so late?! We decided to have pizza delivered to the room; Lynn and I shared a supreme and the guys got their own. Rocky made us cry with the Appalachian Rain song by John Smith ( and then a video of his wife singing landslide, they both hit home. Then a funny one by barefoot sisters ( got to bed around 11:00 again and this time Rocky said he wanted to be on the road by 8am...that's what time I usually wake up, NEVERMIND what about breakfast?! 'Twas a great night. 

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