Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 33- Vacation Hot Springs

This morning I was woken up by Korey's 7am least it wasn't any heavy metal but still! Lynn left around then and I decided I needed more sleep. I got up around 9, got ready and headed out. I didn't want to lock anyone out of the cabin but I didn't know where they were. I headed to the post office to mail some things out, and pick up some stamps, and after headed to the diner where I figured I'd find Korey. I walked in on Stitch and Soul Money eating breakfast but no Korey, so I walked back the way I came deciding to hit up the outfitter to stamp my journal-hey Lynn and Korey! After we all headed back to the diner to join Stitch and Soul Money-I had a breakfast wrap with ham, peppers, onion, egg, cheese, sour cream and salsa it was amazing! BUT took like 30 minutes longer than Korey's biscuits and gravy...Lynn waited with me and I enjoyed breakfast. After Korey was going to stop by his mom's hotel room, Lynn was going to get a change of clothes for the mineral spa, so I decided to drop back in the Artisun to give the clerk my shipping information and then stop by the spa to find out about the baths and massages. I walked in to find Korey asking the same, we decided on our private tubs over looking the creek we only had to pay $5 for an hour since Korey's mom gave us a credited gift card her motel gave her! So awesome, the best $5 I've ever spent! The mineral water is said to not be heated other than how it comes out of the springs and into the tub, I went free flowing butt naked and it was so relaxing! The jets felt amazing on my feet and the creek was so relaxing. I soaked and thouroughtly enjoyed my peaceful serene mineral bath by the water. I booked a 90 minute massage for 2:15 which I am super excited about! So after my relaxing hour and half of relaxing bliss I decided to hit up the general store and get my owed cinco de mayo a can...thank you BudLight! Lynn was in her massage so I went behind our cabin to the river and found a little log swing and enjoyed my margarita. I couldn't ask for anything else, I was so completely happy and content listening to the river and enjoying my drink. I look back to the photo of me at Amicalola Falls and think how young and "inexperienced/naive" I look I have grown so much within it is crazy and exactly what I am seeking out here! I stayed by the river for a good 45 minutes and decided to go pick up my box from my mom at the outfitter. Thanks Ma! I got vitamins, rice, couscous, jerky, protein powder all kinds of good stuff! After meeting up with Korey and Lynn we decided to get some food, we ran into Spider so we ate with him and Godfather out on the porch by the river, I got a meatball grinder and we listened to some live music. From there we decided to walk over to the hiker potluck community dinner and ran into all kinds of friends but Big Dave was the biggest surprise! He had just gotten in and when we were back in the NOC about 70 miles back we all talked about Hot Springs together but didn't have Dave's number so we were bummed-and then there he is! Great reunion for sure. We grabbed a drink the three of us at one of the pubs and then called it a night-Korey's mom gave us the key to their motel room to shower and Korey offered Lynn and I the bed so he stayed in the cabin solo and we took up a real bed with pillows and sheets! Big thanks to her! 

"What would you think if I sang out of tune-Would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song-And I'll try not to sing out of key."

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