Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 32- Hot Springs

I felt like I was camping on a compound. The grounds were beautiful, the morning was hot being out in the open like that, and I knew I was luxury camping. I went INTO THE BATHROOM, brushed my teeth, used running water, and charged my phone. Then I gathered up my laundry and basically gave them a down payment on a house to wash my clothes...this is the life, they've got it figured out! Korey and I decided to walk to the diner for breakfast and I ordered an apple juice and a western omelette it was so much more satisfying than my brown hot sludge in the morning! After breakfast we went to the outfitter so Korey could pick up some smaller pants and I looked around at all of the neat t-shirts. There was an antique scale and it said I was 110 so that is good I haven't lost a crazy amount of weight! I feel like I have, so that was comforting! Tomorrow I have to pick up my re-supply box from the outfitter so I didn't buy anything yet (key word). After we hit up this great little coffee shop called the artisun gallery. Inside we saw our two brothers and a cousin section hikers today was the end of the road for them so we talked and Korey got a coffee drink and I got a loose leaf iced tea it was yummy. This shop is a baaaaaad place for me! I am a sucker for art, and locally made items. I bought a wood bowl made from a former thru hiker, something to hang on my wall one day, something to hang in the baby's room, and a small butterfly memento to carry with me. I have my eye on something else in the store as well...she is holding the items I bought until tomorrow when I give her the shipping information to send it home for me. My logic is, these items are one of a kind, they are homemade, and part of my journey. I can't just buy any of these items in a store exactly like the one I have and it will always remind me of my hike and journey through Not only Hot Springs but the AT, and that is worth it to me. After walking back to the hostel Korey got ready to meet his mom for lunch, I was not hungry and though I had been invited I declined to give him some family time and so I could enjoy some alone time and blogging. I sat on some benches in the open yard enjoying the day, my tea, and blogging. The plan was, they were going to go to lunch, come back, get me, and bring us to the cabin since check in was at 2:00; plan worked flawlessly. Once we checked, we drove to our cabin, it was cute. As we opened the door I was quickly disappointed. It reminded me of a summer camp bunkhouse if I'd ever been. It was tiny, there was a half bath, half a table, a double bunk on the bottom, a top bunk, and then a double in the loft. And they think we could fit 5 in here! For what we paid, and what we've paid-and gotten in the past; I was dissapointed. There were no sheets or pillows, no towels, the showers were in a building next to us it was just not what I was expecting at a "resort." By this time it was almost 3:00 and I was starting to get hungry, Korey wanted to get situated so his mom and step father drove me to where the restarunts were, I decided to go where they went for lunch. I figured I would have an appetizer since it was so late and we would be having dinner soon. I walked in and there was only one other table of a couple finishing up, I sat at the bar and plugged my phone in to charge. Looking over the menu I came across a Cuban sandwich I couldn't pass much for a light lunch paired with sweet potato fries! She asked what I would like to drink and said they had pear cider on tap-sold. I asked to sample some and she gave me a little in a mug, when I decided on that the keg had kicked and there was only enough left for half a glass. She the have me samples of a summer ale, and a wheat beer they had on tap-I decided on the summer for my other half a glass. By this time I was the only one in the restaurant, the cooks were asking me how my lunch was, the waitress/bartender was talking with me about my hike and stories while wrapping silver wear and it was just an overall humbling experience. Here I was the only customer in this place, tasting beers, eating great food, and talking with friendly people-I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I saw a magic 8 ball on the I dare...I asked it one question "will I finish the trail" "yes" popped up, it made me smile. I have not once thought about quitting-I've had bad days, bad nights, but never enough to throw in my boots. I was happy with this answer of reassurance even if it is just a toy. Before I left one of the guys insisted I try another beer on tap so I had her pour me a sample while I charged my phone and figured I'd been there long enough. I was feeling great, I headed back to the cabin, blogged a little and Korey wanted to go back into town so I joined. We couldn't pass up milkshakes so we went to Still Miuntain sat at the bar and both got a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. It was so yummy, shortly after G-Man showed up and then around 6:30 Korey's mom and step dad showed up for dinner, we moved to a table and they ate (I was still full from my late lunch and milkshake.) Lynn rolled in around 7:30 and we all hung out and they ate. Pigpen was with us as well it was great seeing him since it had been since Helen I saw him last, I heard Cooper got off the trail which is sad to hear. When we got outside of the restaurant we saw Rocky pull in! He had Wild Child and Pocket Fire with him! We went back to the cabin briefly so Lynn could get her laundry and throw that in the laundromat then we decided to find the gang, beers, and food for me. They were all sitting on the porch of the pub so we joined and I ordered a 12 in ham, mushroom, and olive pizza. I wasn't even hungry but knew I should eat. It was Rocky, me, Little Man, Wild Child, Soul Money, Pocket Fire, Lynn and Stitch. Korey was there in the beginning and end but spent some time with his mom since she drove over 3 hours to visit. Somehow I put down all but 2 slices (crust not included) and wrapped the remaining two pieces. We walked back to our cabin, you can see me below in my bottom bunk blogging and it is now midnight...I am caught up! Tomorrow is pampering! Spring mineral baths and massages-can't wait!

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