Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 29-Trail Magic

Southern hospitality is the best kind of trail magic!

Great! The first night out of the smokies and the tent next to me was a loud snorer! Ugh! We said goodbye to the smokies Lynn, Korey, Bandana, his uncle, and I. Bandana said a prayer for Lynn and I's knees which was amazing of him to offer. As we reached I-40 we saw a sign "TRAIL MAGIC" how exciting! We went down to find old friends and tents set up with a grill! They welcomed us and asked what they could make got us, bacon cheese burger with a fried egg please! No problem! It took trail magic to get my burger with an egg on it. Two solo cups of Tang, a can of Sprite, small bag of cheddar Ruffles, 3 Oreos, and 2 more fried eggs later I was feeling content! I took a banana and orange as well as strawberry pop tarts for later. It was totally amazing. I sat for awhile taking it all in appreciation. It also happened to be Wild Child's birthday so Korey set her up with a zebra cake and his zippo lighter to blow out and we all sang. The day was heating up fast and all I wanted to do was kick back and relax, but oh wait...we still have to hike today. We stated for about an hour or so and watched some fellow hikers launch to go rafting. (Side Note: do you think if I throw something at his tent he will stop snoring?) I saw my first snake today ughhhh about 2 feet long and black. The uphill battle in the heat was tough. I felt like I couldn't get enough water in me and I was sweating bullets. I snagged the inside of my calve on a pricker and it started to bleed- I made a blood blaze. I stopped to talk to my mom for about 20 minutes and that helped cool me down but I started overheating again shortly after. It took forever to finally reach the bald and I was so hungry. We took off our packs to walk up (only later to find out the trail goes by it) and I inhaled the banana, couple small celery sticks Wild Child gave me, and the strawberry pop tarts before I even knew they were gone-so hungry! The view was 360, so nice. After the bald it was supposed to be 2.5 downhill to the took forever. I thought of just setting up somewhere...anywhere. My knees and feet were hurting per usual with downhill and it seemed never ending. I thought I would never get there-but like always, I do. I soaked my feet in the river while I pumped for water, it was so cold! I brought my dinner and peppermint tea over to the shelter to socialize a bit before getting more water with Lynn. I should be in town on Wednesday Hot Springs wooooooo..."Ooooh that smell 
Can't you smell that smell 
Ooooh that smell!" I need a shower.

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