Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 27

This morning there was frost on our tents! One guy got in around midnight he said and set up his tent and none of us even heard him-kinda scary! We hung out for awhile trying to warm up a bit before heading out and it actually started to hail a little! Then we were all standing around and right beside us was a deer! Just hanging out eating, not minding us at all. I got a late start leaving at 10:30-I thought I was supposed to get better at this! I caught up to Lynn and we went to an amazing rock ledge. It was off the trail but not far, and I'm glad we did! The remainder of the day we hiked seperatly but she was only about 15 min behind me, I know this because I stopped for lunch at this sunny rooted tree spot and she joined me. It was the most perfect lunch spot. We hiked on and there was supposed to be a shelter 7.3 miles from where we were last, and then another one 5 miles after that. I came to a crossing and saw a group of horseback riders on a trail below (apparently this is where the first shelter was located but I didn't know this at the time.) for a good 35-45 min I didn't see a blaze and it worried me. I wondered if I should continue on, or go back. I'd hate to keep going in the wrong direction, but I'd also hate backtracking to find out I was going the right way after all...I kept going. It started messing with me, every tree I thought I would see a blaze, and I wouldn't. I finally saw one but after that first one it was awhile before I came across another...I wondered if I had imagined it and I should have taken a photo to be sure it was real. I sat to eat some snacks and dry my feet and Lynn showed up-good I'm not crazy! My feet are a mess, they get all sweaty, and peel and are dry, and on the bottom of my big toe I have like these little pin holes. Scout came up behind me, and as quick as she appeared she was gone. She did saw Korey was behind her which was good. I pushed hard downhill, then up, saw Lynn, then flew downhill-I had my headphone in and was ready to be at camp! There were gorgeous views, and great weather, but at the end of the day I was ready to be camping! The shelter was flooded with people...oh it must be Friday! You can always tell when it is the weekend there are people everywhere. I did my chores and then sat and talked with some guys in the marines while they tried to set up a massive bonfire. Tomorrow is our first 14 mile day-be nice body!

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